4 Variations of Concrete Floor Coatings

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4 Variations of Concrete Floor Coatings - Flooring technology and method such floor paints have been more popular these days since dealing with concrete floor can boost one’s imagination and open up to various end results. Doing it yourself is easy and it does not require much skills. It does need some process of cleaning and drying the concrete base, applying basic or foundation color and patterned or stamped variations on the floor is quite simple to do. In order to protect the floor paint and create smooth, shiny effects that make it easier to maintain, applying concrete floor coatings is necessary. There are some variations of coatings that will be discussed below.

Penetrating Sealer

This type of coating gives a particular effect like transparent or invisible protection. This is very strong and useful for temperature and climate changes, thus, it is applicable for outdoor garage. Penetrating sealer concrete floor coatings are also very strong to protect the floor from chemical substances. Another benefit of this type is its clear and transparent color that won’t mix or change the floor paint. It does not matter what techniques you are using, stamping, fake wood, etc., it protects the surface from sun light, frozen temperature and spills of chemicals.

4 Variations of Concrete Floor Coatings

Acrylic Sealer

Another variation of concrete floor coatings is called acrylic sealer. This type works a bit different compared to penetrating sealer since it produces a kind of film layer in protecting the concrete floor. The main benefit of acrylic is to avoid damage on the concrete surface. It can work well for outdoor and indoor, both for garage and for basement. There two options of acrylic coating, i.e. based on oil and water. Once applied, it dries up quickly. The price is considerably economical, and you can choose two effects, matte or glossy. So, if you are not in favor of anything shiny, this is suitable for you.

4 Variations of Concrete Floor Coatings

Polyurethane Concrete Floor Coatings

There is one of the concrete floor coatings that have long endurance and considerably thicker than the previous two, that is called polyurethane. It can be ordered based on water or oil formula and very suitable for the space in and out of the house that have relatively higher traffic. It is transparent and before applying this coating on the concrete floor, a coat of primer is normally required.

 4 Variations of Concrete Floor Coatings

Epoxy Coatings

This coating type has two benefits that are considered different than the other three above. As most coatings are transparent, epoxy gives touch of colors and it is designed to protect concrete floor from scratches. It does suit garage floor. Due to its color effect, it can also be applied in combination with floor paint. Make sure that the effects desired meet what you imagine. This type sometimes is also offered with colored chips or sands to highlight the effects on the floor.

Creative Ideas Using Concrete Floor Paint

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Creative Ideas Using Concrete Floor Paint - As flooring technique and technology get more advanced, options are wide open for home owners to decide which types and techniques are more suitable for their homes. Concrete floor paint is one of the kinds that improve a lot in variations as well as prices. The good news are not only functional rooms in the house like living and dining room, kitchen and bathroom or even a bedroom that can be set in new looks but also boring basement can be polished and turned into a nice, bright looking space. Basement area can potentially be made over into a more productive room instead of only functioning as storage.

Types of Concrete Floor Paint

Concrete floor paint may not be as popular as vinyl, tile, or wooden floors as it was initially a plain grey paint that did not offer creativity at all. The latest technology allows floor paint to appear brighter, more modern and creative in terms of decoration patterns. Here are some types of concrete paints for flooring:

Creative Ideas Using Concrete Floor Paint
  • Stamps: this paint creates decorations on the floor by combining two colors as the base or foundation and another color that is applied using stamping patterns from sponge
  • Faux tile: this paint can create a visual effect as if the floor is installed with tiles.
  • Wooden effect: if you wish to have a flooring effect such as applied with wooden vinyl planks, floor paints can do it for you. It does need some techniques and several process but DIY is still possible
  • Epoxy: this paint is very suitable for outdoor usage such as outdoor garage or paths since it is strong in moisture resistant quality

DIY Techniques

Most of concrete floor paint is easy to apply independently. But, it does need some steps and preparations. If you do have the time and patience to do it, it is always fun to get creative and explorative. Besides, some easy procedures can be done on your own like the following :

  • in creating fake wood effect, you can apply the basic color first and leave it dry. After that, what you need to do is creating effects of wood grain. Mix four parts of glaze and one part of dark brown paint then using wood graining tool, apply it on the foundation. The finishing part will be covering the floor with polyurethane to provide last finishing touch and protection
  • stamping is also perhaps one of DIY techniques that can be explorative in terms of patterns. The procedure is pretty much similar as the wood effect, but here, after applying the foundation color, what you need to do is applying the pattern through stamping some sponge on top of the foundation color
  • remember to clean up the concrete floor and dry it first before applying any concrete floor paint, and give finishing touch as protection.

Tile Floor Patterns Inspirations from Recent Collections

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Tile Floor Patterns Inspirations from Recent Collections - Flooring from tiles offer lots of options. The price is ranging, from friendly to pricey. The patterns also vary from simple, modern, and classic. Tiles are also suitable for various rooms. Maintenance is easy and creating cool effects on any rooms in the house and office cannot be that hard. However, there is one aspect that you need to consider well, i.e. choosing the right tile floor patterns. Small room can look dense with wrong choice of patterns, whereas hallways and terrace may look sloppy with inappropriate tiles installation. The following discussion will expose several tile floor patterns that suit both private and common rooms.

Outdoor and Hallway Alternatives

Hallway and terrace are the space in between the rooms. Some houses have large terrace and hallways but some only have small ones. This area is perhaps one of the busiest in and around the house. Children run around and adults move from one room to another using this connecting element. Terrace can also function as an informal sitting room. Tile floor patterns that suit these areas include diagonal patterns or diagonal with spots or dots. These will make the space more accentuated and less uniform.

Tile Floor Patterns Inspirations from Recent Collections

Living & Dining Room Tile Floor Patterns

How about these two rooms: dining and living rooms? These areas are also quite densely used since everyday all members of the family do have dinner in the dining room and perhaps do some reading or welcome friends and other guests in the living room. Proper tile floor patterns that you should consider of installing are basket weave and running bond. The first type is very suitable for living room as it looks neat but not strict. Running bond looks great for dining room as it combines gradation of colors and make the atmosphere more alive.

Tile Floor Patterns Inspirations from Recent Collections

 Bedroom & Walk-in Closet

Bedroom and walk-in closet can be connected with similar or contrasting floor patterns. Straight lay can be used for bedroom provided that the accents and colors are in strong character. The strength of this pattern is not the creative installation but its original accent. Walk-in closet will look fabulous with contrasting pattern, using pinwheel or hopscotch patterns. It brings a foundation of darker color with random patterns of smaller tiles, like hopscotch.

Tile Floor Patterns Inspirations from Recent Collections

Bathroom & Kitchen Inspiration

Modular and herringbone are two tile floor patterns that suit bathroom and kitchen. Modular patterns will fit in spacious bathroom, but if you have smaller bathroom, install straight or diagonal since these patterns will make small rooms look larger. Herringbone creates sophistication and match for both small and large kitchen. The texture is the strength of herringbone creating cool, modern, yet sophisticated atmosphere.

Vinyl Flooring Planks: Types and Technical Matters

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Vinyl Flooring Planks Types and Technical Matters - For the past couple of years, there has been an increasing interest and demands of vinyl flooring planks. The trend happens in both household and office use. Apparently, the look of this flooring has attracted various housing and interior concepts. Plank wood flooring matches small and spacious rooms, can go easily with many types and gradation of wall paints. But, overall, there are two reasons why consumers prefer this flooring, i.e. for its cool and energizing look and manufactured flooring brings the essence of vinyl flooring. Moreover, installation and cleaning process do not take too complicated efforts. It is suitable for working parents and offices, of course.

Natural versus Manufactured Types

Thinking of getting one for your house or office? There are two basic types of vinyl flooring planks from wood. The first type is it comes from natural wood that being processed and cut like vinyl flooring; and the second type is manufactured vinyl flooring with accents of woods. The first type looks a lot fresher and stronger in patterns, as for the second one feels more comfortable and easy to maintain. For both options, you may purchase each for particular room usage or combine it especially if indoor and outdoor spaces want to be treated in similar tone. Why do demands on wooden vinyl flooring increase? It is because solid wood is hard and heavy to install. It gives an alternative to this heavy task.

Vinyl Flooring Planks

Boards of Vinyl Flooring Planks’ Types

As for the size and patter, there are two variations of wooden vinyl flooring planks boards. The first type is single board, and the second one is the multiple board vinyl flooring. What is the difference? Single board exposes a wide plank so it looks like made from one single board. The size is usually around six inches times thirty six inches. It does replicate the look of wood that looks like a log with exactly similar dimensions as described. Multiple boards, on the other hand, replicate the look of smaller boards of wood on the vinyl plank. So, gives a visual effect that it consists of various boards that are assembled into one. The size of multiple broads vinyl plank is usually around six inches times thirty six inches with smaller wooden board looks of about three inches wide combined with many length variations.

Vinyl Flooring Planks

Installation and Treatment

Since vinyl planks are easier to install compared to solid woods or tiles, it can be attached as new flooring using adhesive or glue. However, it is noted that glue-down plank does not look as easy as it is. Know well how it should be installed before deciding whether to apply it on your own or getting some helps. As for the maintenance, any types of cleaning possible. Dusting, vacuuming and moping are possible to make the floor fresh, clean and always look ‘new’.

Real Wood Tiles vs. Tiles That Look Like Wood

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Real Wood Tiles vs. Tiles That Look Like Wood - Nowadays there are so many kinds of tiles. Some of them are natural, while some other is artificial. Both of them have the same function to beautify your house and protect the floor from scratching. But like any other things in the world, the real wood tiles and tile flooring looks like wood have some advantages and disadvantages.

Plus and minus of hardwood floor

Though hardwood has a good appearance compared to tile flooring that looks like wood. There are some considerations you need to think about before choosing hardwood floor as a floor for your house.


  • It is eco-friendly. When you finish wearing it, it can be renewable. So, it will decrease the number of the waste.
  • It fits with any color. As the real wood has natural color, it matches the furniture of the room. You don’t need to waste much time to think about what furniture are good for the room, what color makes it beautiful, and what size of the furniture that will fit the floor.
  • It is good for your health. Some of the hardwood tiles are antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and insect resistant. It will keep the germs away, so you don’t need to worry about moping it with disinfectant cleaner.
  • The price is affordable.
  • Although wood is natural, wood is easy to scratch. Especially when you have a cat or a dog that will stick its claws on the floor. It will make the beauty of the floor decrease.
  • The installation cannot be done in every place in your house. You have to consider about sunlight that will shine on the floor. Ultraviolet rays will make the floor dull and less shiny.
  • It keeps the house cool in the summer but make the house colder in the winter.

 Important things about artificial hardwood tiles
  • It is scratch resistant. When you have guests who wear high heels, you dont have to worry about the floor that will be scratched.
  • The shape and the size will never change. While the hardwood will crack or expand in particular environment, the tiles flooring that looks like wood will stay the same.
  • You can place the artificial hardwood floor everywhere without thingking about the sunlight because sunlight will be friendly to this kind of tile.
  • It is easier to clean. Wet or damp mop will do it good.
  • Based on the study in Arizona, it will keep the floor cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

How Can Vinyl Tiles Flooring Be The Perfect Floor?

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Vinyl Tiles Flooring is considered as the one of the important things to do in your house. The appearance and the convenience are the things that need extra attention when you choose the floor. It gives you huge impact. Choosing the good floor tiles will affect your mood toward the house. Besides, it will also give the impression about appearance of the whole the house. One of the floor tiles that will be the perfect option for you is vinyl tiles flooring. It has quality that any other tiles do not have.

The look of vinyl tiles

Vinyl tile flooring has a lot of color options for better decoration of your house. It will make you easier to do mix and match with your furniture. The designs are also offered in vary. They are Roman, oriental, and Greek design to make your house attractive. You can pick the color and the design so it can fits your personality or your taste. Months ago, there are also marbles and stripped design.

How Can Vinyl Tiles Flooring Be The Perfect Floor?

The quality of this tile

This kind of tile is known for its durability. Vinyl tiles flooring are consisted of plasticizers and polyvinyl chloride. Those substances are known as the substances that make the tiles long-lasting. It can last for years. It also does not require a wax treatment to make the tiles durable. This tile has ability as an isolator. It will prevent you to get electrocuted. It can be good installed in bathroom and kitchen. Based on the previous experiment, the substances on the vinyl tiles make it stain proof and water proof. So you do not need to worry about changing it repeatedly because it never gives an old impression to your house.
How Can Vinyl Tiles Flooring Be The Perfect Floor?
Apart of being stain proof and water proof, it is also sound proof. It can absorb the noise. It can be a savior if you live in a noisy environment. It is also good to be installed if you have a rehearsal music room for your kids to rehearse with their band. Installation of vinyl tiles will keep the noise away.

The price

Don’t worry about the price. It is affordable and will not cost you a lot since it is a synthetic material. This kind of material has the adhesive on the back side of the tile. It will help you not to buy extra adhesive. For vinyl tiles are water proof, it will let the water spill and enter the tile. The water will be on the top surface of the tiles. It makes the tiles easy to clean. You need not a special cleaner to clean the tile.

Is Cork Floor Tile Good For Your Kitchen?

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Cork Floor Tiles - Kitchen is one of the important rooms in the house. It is like the heart of the house since everyday everybody will never skip going to this room. Thus the decoration and the furniture of this room is very important. One of the elements that need to be picked carefully is the floor tiles. Kitchen floor is not the same with bedroom floor. Durability and easiness in cleaning are the criteria for the kitchen floor. There are some tiles that fit the kitchen like linoleum flooring tiles, ceramic flooring tiles, and cork flooring tiles. Ceramic and linoleum are commonly used due to its durability and ability to resist scratch or stain. While cork tiles are used due to its simplicity, sound proofing, and durability.

What is cork floor and why does it match with your kitchen?

Cork flooring tiles are made of the bark of cork trees. It is the same material used in wine cork. Cork trees grow in Mediterranean forest. It takes 9 to 10 years just to cut the trees. That’s why it will do the trees no harm. Cork tiles fit your kitchen well because it has a lot of benefits. It is insect resistant, fire resistant, moisture resistant, and also antimicrobial. It is important to kitchen floor. No one wants a kitchen with mildew on the floor, right ?

Cork Floor Tile

The ability to resist insect and fire will also make the kitchen floor hygienic and safe. The fire resistance does not make the floor disable to burn. It can be burnt, but it will not release the toxic fumes. Cork tiles also have easy maintenance. Since it has suberine substance on it that makes the floor shiny, it will make the floor resist the water or any other liquid that spill on it. The specific cleanser is also not necessary to clean the tiles. Damp mop will do them good. Don’t forget to sweep and vacuum it regularly to keep the dust away.

Stay away from sunlight

The only thing that needs extra attention is the location: where to install this kind of tiles. Experts and scientists in Arizona say that cork flooring tiles will fade if it is placed under the sunlight. The ultraviolet rays on the sunlight will make the color fades away and it will make the floor looks disgusting. It is better to put a table or any other shelves to cover the floor from the sunlight. Though many companies have made a cork tiles with UV protection, it will help a lot.

Laminate Floor Installation on Stair

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Laminated floor has typically four layers on it. The top is the layer of the transparent one; then right after it there is image layer; right underneath it there is layer of a core layer; then at the bottom there is layer of moisture-resistant. Since laminate floor has many layers, the installation is not easy. On the flat, ordinary room, it needs right calculation to make laminate floor installation precise and quick. What happens if you want to install it on your stair? Well, stair is the hardest part in your house if you want to use laminate floor. The space is narrow and it has so many stages. If you do not put an accurate calculation and right execution, the appearance of your stair will be awful. Instead of getting a fancy look, you will get disastrous look.

Making the accurate stairs measurement

The decoration experts say stairs measurement is the basic thing you need to do if you want to do laminate floor installation. it is quite easy and simple. Stairs threads usually have width of 36 inches with depth about 10 up to 12 inches. The threads will be 3 square ft. Measure the riser with the same length of the threads. So let say, for the riser, it takes 3 sq/ft, too. Then it will take 6 sq/ft lengths for each stair. If you have 15 stairs, then you need to multiple them with the lengths of each stair. 15 x 6 = 90 sq/ft. Make extra length around 10% up to 15% just in case you do miscalculation.

Laminate Floor Installation on Stair

Can you do that on your own?

Yes you can! If you are willing to install laminate floor on your own, there are some steps you need to do. Do not ever skip if you want to make a perfect laminate floor in your house.
  • The very first thing action you need to do is removing all the carpet out of the stairs. The carpet will make the stair wavy. Also make sure that the stair is completely flat. Get rid of the creek of the stair before you do laminate floor installation.
  • Get rid of the overhang of the stairs
  • Cut the threads of laminate stairs. It will take time, but it worth to do
  • Cut the risers so they will fit the edges of the stairs
  • Cut the mold part of the stair nose into the right size
  • Install the nose of the stairs

How to Pick the Best Laminate Floor Cleaner

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How to Pick the Best Laminate Floor Cleaner - Sometimes you will be confused to clean up your laminated. Laminated floor has usually four layers on it. The top layer is transparent one; then underneath it there is image layer; right after it there is core layer; then the bottom layer is moisture-resistant layer. Because it has some layers, the treatment of laminated floor must be done carefully. Or else, the layer will be scratched and the water and the dirt will go into it. Sweeping your laminated floor frequently is a must if you want to keep your floor shiny and dirt free. Or, vacuuming your floor can be an option. But do not forget to use hard-floor attachment.

The best laminate floor cleaner

Since laminated floor needs a special treatment, there is some equipment you need to clean the floor. And here they are:
  • Clean, soft broom. Sweep it gently with an indoor broom
  • Vacuum cleaner to clean the floor that is out of broom’s reach
  • Damp mop. Moping laminated floor can only be done using flat mop with has a thickness of an inch. It will make the mop damp instead of being wet soaked. Clean warm water is recommended if you want to keep the floor durable. Also use a special cleaner that is only used for laminated floor as your laminate floor cleaner.
  • You can sometimes use polish or wax
  • Use abrasive cleanser sometimes
  • Apply a cleaner with soap-based material
 How to Pick the Best Laminate Floor Cleaner

Don’t do this to your floor!

A lot of people use a mix of vinegar and water (and maybe a little bit soap) to clean the laminated floor. But it is not a smart way to clean it up. The soap will leave the residue while vinegar can make your laminated floor dull. If your floor is less shiny, it will give a dirty impression though it is actually clean. Through a study that is conducted by some researchers in Canada, vinegar is not suitable used as laminate floor cleaner. The low pH will erase the natural glow of the floor because does not lift up the dirt. It will only scratch the layers of the floor. There are also other things that you have to avoid like :
  • Using oil soaps. Such laminate floor cleaner will leave residue and thicken the laminated floor layers
  • Using tile floor or vinyl cleaner products. Acrylic substance on the product may make the floor slippery and it sure is dangerous
  • Cleaner with ammonia on it. It will make your floor dull
  • Using high pH balance cleaners like harsher soaps, alkaline. It will also dull the appearance of your floor

A Cork Flooring Review to Make Your Floor Classy

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A Cork Flooring Review to Make Your Floor Classy - Cork flooring is a new material used to beautify your house and to make your house looks different. Since it is new, people always search for cork flooring reviews to get more information. Cork flooring is a flooring material from the cork of oak tree. It is known as a eco-friendly material, for it takes nine to ten years to take the cork from the tree. It will not make the tree damaged, too. Cork flooring is sold in planks and tiles. It also is available in glue-less or glue installation. To know more about this kind of flooring, this article will give you a cork flooring reviews.

Things you need to know about cork flooring
  • It is built from a bark that harvested from a Cork Tree. Cork tree has ability to regenerate itself after being harvested. The harvest is done once every nine to ten years. As the tree can regenerate itself, the harvest will do no harm to it. Cork trees live in Mediterranean forest like the forest in Portugal and Spain
  • It is long lasted. Cork flooring will not rot. It will not mildew, too since in its natural habitat, it used to deal with liquids and gases and can resist it. Cork is also resistant to fire because it makes no toxic gasses.
A Cork Flooring Review to Make Your Floor Classy
  •  Cork is insulator.  Not like any other flooring material, it can live in extreme temperatures. It will give you the same temperature no matter the season is. Try it by walking with barefoot in the summer and winter. It gives no difference.
  • Based on the research by the scientists in Spain, Cork is amazingly light. So it is good to install it for the hotel floor or other high buildings.
  • Cork is flexible and healthy. It is good for people who have sickness on their knees, back, and joints because it will rebound your body mass whenever you move.
  • It is healthy.  It is dust proof and also anti-microbial. That is why, it is considered as hypoallergenic.

Can you install it by yourself?

Of course you do. The benefits of the cork explained in the cork flooring reviews above will give you reasons why it is possible for you to install it by yourself. It is light and is available on glue-less or glue product, so it is quite simple just to install it by yourself. Just don’t forget to clean the floor before you apply it. The clean floor makes it easier for cork to stick to the ground.

Pros and Cons Installing the Two Hardwood Flooring Types

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Hardwood flooring types will make your home classy. It gives a fancy, natural impression since it comes with a real appearance of the wood. There are two hardwood flooring types. There are solid wood flooring and engineered wood floors. Solid wood floor is a whole solid wood, while engineered wood floors has three layers of different wood on it. Though both of them are made of wood, those two types have advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of installing hardwood flooring types

Pros and Cons Installing the Two Hardwood Flooring Types

  • Easy to maintenance. Since it is made of wood, no matter what hardwood flooring types you have, it is considered to be durable and is proven as a material that will last in decades. A house that uses this kind of floor will be last longer a hundred year compared to a house that installs any other material. It can only occur when the hardwood floor is given a good treatment and is cared properly.
  • More valuable. If you expect to make your house as an investment, then installing a hardwood floor can be used as a trick to make it fancier. The buyers then will pay more since it has a touch of classy house. A house with hardwood floor is usually faster to sell than those who has ordinary floor. The good-looking floor will also cut the cost of the house decorating, since it needs not a carpet to cover the floor.
  • Allow you to be creative. Hardwood flooring types suit with any possible style you might have. It can work with classic or modern decoration. It also fits with minimalist style. It just depends on the furniture you put in the house. Besides, the hardwood floor can be stained to make it fits with your taste.

Pros and Cons Installing the Two Hardwood Flooring Types

The disadvantages

Besides having the pros of installing hardwood floor in your house, it also has cons. And here are the lists of the cons:
  • High cost. Hardwood floor is an expensive material. For oak wood, it will cost you $3 for a square. The price will increase up to $12 for a square foot if you expect to put on exotic wood. To install this floor, you cannot do it by yourself. The floor must be installed by the professional, so it will cost you more.
  • The sound of it. Hardwood floor can be sometimes noisy. It will give you weird sound of a creaky old floor whenever you walk across it. It will be annoying for your neighbor or any other people live in the same roof with you. To reduce the creak, you can put a rug or carpet on it. And again, putting a carpet or a rug will cost you more.

Installing and Maintaining Large Carpet Squares

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Large Carpet Squares - There is one thing you can do when you install large carpet in your house. It can be re-arranged whenever you want a new look by applying different installation technique. It will help you to get a different atmosphere in your house. The process of re-arranging your carpet flooring can also be a fun thing you can do with your kids, since the material is quite safe and the process is easy.

Installing Large Carpet Square

You can decorate your own room with large carpet square by following these easy techniques:
  • Put on a releasable adhesive on the floor. Put it on the four spots of the corner of the floor. It will help the carpet stay and hold it so it won’t slip. This kind of glue will not be sticky forever. Whenever you want to pull it off, it will never give you a difficulty. Though it is easily released, it does not mean that the adhesive is lame. A survey has been done in Arizona and 89% of the customers say it is a strong product.
  • Use a double tape around the carpet flooring. It has the same function with releasable adhesive, but it will make you work harder when you put the carpet off. Double tape will leave some materials that will stick to your floor so you have to clean it up after you pull the carpet off.
  • Draw a chalk line. Cross the centre of the room with this chalk line. Of course you do not want to put large carpet square in sloping direction. So, to make the installation easier and nicer, a chalk line will help you a lot. It will give a huge impact when you want to put large carpet that does not cover the whole floor.
Installing and Maintaining Large Carpet Squares

How to maintain carpet tile?

Carpet tile of course make your room more warm and comfortable. But it sometimes give you trouble just to clean it. These steps are recommended if you want to keep your large carpet squares clean.
  • Daily treatment. If your food (like chips or chocolate) falls into the carpet. Don’t worry. Just remove it carefully. Do not rub it with a broom. You can only pick it with your hands and let the vacuum cleaner clean the tiny food left.
  • Spot cleaning and vacuuming. It is good to vacuum the carpet once a day at night. It seems useless to vacuum the carpet at day because the traffic is still busy. Everyone will step on the carpet so it makes the dirt comes back again.

Picking the Right Large Area Rugs Cheap and Stylish

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Picking the Right Large Area Rugs Cheap and Stylish - Since summer is only a few weeks away, there is perhaps an urgent priority to prepare for a short weekend getaway or a couple of weeks trips out of town, across the states or even paying a visit to some venues overseas. Yet, do not sacrifice this above interior makeover that you want to do! Finding large area rugs cheap and stylish is not impossible to do!

Contemporary Large Area Rugs Cheap and Chic

Indeed, when it comes to choose proper rugs, your priority is to find the store which is able to provide affordable and many choices of rugs. But, do you think affordable rugs will be good in its quality? One thing needs to be kept in your mind: not all of large area rugs cheap and poor in quality or design. If you know well types and patterns of rugs, matching these variations with an interior concept in your imagination will be simple to do. The key here is actually placing a modern and contemporary rug with elegant or chic design.

Although the design may not be one of the latest in collection, people won’t notice since its concept, modernity and style cover this weakness well. Contemporary rugs usually offer clean design with simplicity and elegance without too much of unnecessary detailed like you can see on traditional, classy designs. This characteristic is very suitable to highlight formal living room, family room and study.

Picking the Right Large Area Rugs Cheap and Stylish

Various Materials

Before actually making a purchase, other than looking at the design of large area rugs cheap and stylish collections, consider of finding out a bit about variations of materials used. Each basic material has a specific characteristic that you need to know in order to be able to maintain it well. Durability of synthetic based compared to natural based materials is different. For ecological reasons, it is encouraged to give a chance for grass-based and wool-based rugs. The texture of these rugs is perfect for indoor use, especially to cover the flooring of private areas like bedroom and study. Synthetic rugs are a lot more tough and resistant to spills and dirt. Hence, it is great for halls and common areas.

Picking the Right Large Area Rugs Cheap and Stylish

DIY Design and Customized Order

Without any doubt, the easiest thing to find great rugs is to get the assistance from proper store which provides customized orders by involving customers to sort of design their own rugs. Thus, the satisfaction can be guaranteed. In addition to that, efficient pricing is the best deal to seek from the store too. Then, make sure that you have carefully measured the room, and searched for matched color and patterns. For elegant look, plain rugs with soft and fluffy texture –wool based- is highly recommended. Go for neutral colors like beige, crème or other soft tones. But if you wish to be a bit funkier and splash some energy in the room, go for patterned rugs. Good luck!

Various Types of Hardwood Flooring Installation for Office and Home

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Hardwood Flooring Installation - Are you figuring out some practical ways to improve the look and comfort of your home or office, or both? More and more companies or agencies are currently using more humane approach in building healthier relations with clients and partners. An inviting office will energize everyone in the room and bring positive impacts on pretty much everything. The same thing can be created at home. Whether you want it to be cozy, casual, inspiring, cool, or natural, anything is possible and feasible.

Hardwood Flooring Installation Variants

Several aspects that you should calculate are the characteristics of the room (including size and shapes), its functions and interior (colors of wall paints, type of flooring and furniture). These are inseparable aspects in creating a sharp and stunning room. A meeting room can look less intimidating in lighter colors and natural hardwood flooring installation.

Various Types of Hardwood Flooring Installation for Office and Home

Kitchen will be easily kept clean using hardwood flooring, too. The benefits of this flooring are including easy maintenance, durability and variations of wood species options. Solid wood can be refinished several times and installed either above or on grade. Engineered wood flooring type is also great. It is designed in a way that climate or weather change won’t ruin the installation. Engineered flooring contracts and expands less compared to solid wood.

Various Types of Hardwood Flooring Installation for Office and Home

Office Installation

If your search is for office use, hardwood flooring installation that suits the degree of formality and professionalism should go for engineered flooring. Besides it can combine two species of woods, the maintenance is also relatively simpler. The installation is durable and also more stable. Perhaps you wonder is there are differences in quality grades of various available species. Well, basically, all grades are durable and strong.

The first grade has more uniformity in patterns and marks, whereas the second grade has more variations. What you will get is differences in patterns. Don’t worry about the budget ‘cause there is always something available to suit office’ financial range. If you wish to maintain formality but more in a natural way, go for clear wood. It does have minimum marks and make the floor look all the same in tone.

Various Types of Hardwood Flooring Installation for Office and Home

Home Use

Exploring hardwood flooring installation options for home use is a lot more fun. It gives a wide range of effects. Figure what you want. Is it an exotic bedroom? Or perhaps you want to have an artistic living room? All are possible to create as long as you are well informed of wood species, its natural colors and marks as well as its regular service or maintenance. Cutting is also a crucial aspect you should know well. Mostly, wood flooring is cut in Plain Shawn method.  Quarter Shawn cutting method is pricey but it is better resistant, less risk of twisted, firm and more stable. You can always use different species for different rooms and feel its natural energy!

Living Room Paint Color and Design Tips That Work

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Living Room Paint Color and Design Tips That Work - Getting bored with how your interior looks and becoming itchy to get something actually done about it? Home makeover is necessary to do annually. At least, the spirit of your house will turn to be different from time to time. When you have some extra budget one day, perhaps changing tiles or flooring can be done to highlight the look of the rooms in your house. The choice on changing your living room paint color would be a win-win solution ‘cause it is lower in budget but can almost instantly change the look of the room. 

Size Matters

Looking for the right living room paint color, you should consider several aspects. You probably are aware of this and start wondering which gradation will suit your living room. This room is a common space where hosts and guests meet. You surely do want to impress your guest but at the same time also do not wish to lose a specific touch that reflects the spirit of the house. 

Living Room Paint Color and Design Tips That Work

But before talking about theme, do consider of measuring well the size of your living room. Size matters in color options. If your living room is small or connected to a dining area without partition, a combination of a couple of colors will certainly be needed to mark the areas. If you are blessed with large living room, you will have the luxury to blend, combine and play with texture more freely. 

Neutral Living Room Paint Colors

Choosing neutral living room paint color is also a smart decision. This method will allow you to play with beige, broken white, light brown and other ground colors that blends perfectly with any type of furniture. This method can be done provided that ornaments and furniture are replaced or rearranged. Instead of having total make over, you could schedule for wall paint or rearranging furniture.

Living Room Paint Color and Design Tips That Work

This tips work effectively for both small and spacious rooms since neutral colors fit them all well. Other neutral colors that match various types of furniture include soft yellowish and green. These elements won’t look too much but be able to provide just the right background for your living room. Classy room will look stunning in white wall. But, to avoid boredom, play with list highlight with contrasting darker colors such as brown or pumpkin orange. The key for all effort is concept. Get yourself informed of the latest paint collection, techniques and trends. Either DIY makeover or professionally done, having sufficient reference always help a lot. 

Pretty Bathroom with Black and White Bathroom Flooring Ideas

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Pretty Bathroom with Black and White Bathroom Flooring Ideas - The combination between black and white seems to be something timeless. The same color combination is also the one chosen for trending bathroom flooring ideas. A bathroom with black and white tiles is simply pretty. If you are also interested in that kind of flooring, here are some ideas that you have to read first before remodeling your bathroom. Once you read all of the ideas, you think about them and apply them later in your own bathroom.

The First Example of Bathroom Flooring Ideas in Black and White

The first example that will be told to you about bathroom flooring ideas can be said to be the simple one. The reason is that here, you are only needed to provide black and white bathroom tiles in medium size. The design in this idea is also easy because the flooring will only be made to look like a classic chest board. To make it a little bit different, the tiles can be placed in diamond shape instead of square.

Pretty Bathroom with Black and White Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Even this flooring idea might looks so simple, you may not underestimate it because, for your information, it is an example of timeless flooring for bathroom. The bathroom where this flooring is installed can look better if you choose white bathroom wall paint, furniture, vanities, and appliances. It is not suggested for you to choose black for those items because it is much better for a bathroom to have brighter color instead of dark.

The Second Example of Bathroom Flooring Ideas in Black and White

The second example of black and white bathroom flooring ideas that you can choose does not look as simple as the previous one. Even so, actually the idea is so simple. Here, the type of black and white flooring that you have to choose for the bathroom is white tiles with black diamond details on it.

Pretty Bathroom with Black and White Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Usually, the details in this kind of tiles are made to look symmetrical. If you use this kind of tiles, it is so sure that the dominant color of the flooring is white. Since it is so, it is fine for you to choose black furniture or vanities for the bathroom. Even so, you may not make the walls black too. Instead, it is much better for you to make the walls white to keep the room bright. So, what do you think? Which flooring idea is better for your bathroom ?

Kitchen Flooring Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Looks Stunning

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Kitchen Flooring Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Looks Stunning - Making your kitchen looks stunning cannot only be done by placing sophisticated kitchen appliances or decorations. It can also be done by choosing the right kitchen flooring ideas. These ideas are not only about the choice of flooring to choose for the room but also about the layout that will be used in the flooring to make it looks extraordinary. Here, there will be some ideas shared to you. You can choose one of them or even combining them in order to make your lovely kitchen to be an even better place for you to create and prepare some delicious meals.

The Use of Tiles in Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Kitchen Flooring Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Looks Stunning

In kitchen flooring ideas, it is actually more suggested for you to use tiles instead of any other types of flooring. The reason is that it is easier for you to create more creative and also decorative layout for the kitchen flooring. Such decorative layout can be created even easier if more than one type or color of tiles is used. For example, you can create a design in which 4 tiles are surrounded by smaller long tiles in a different color to create a kind of diamond shape. In creating the design, please make sure that you choose the color of the tiles carefully so that each can match another perfectly. If you face difficulties in choosing the colors, you can make it easier by choosing two different shades of the same category, such as brown color shades.

Tiles with Different Sizes for Kitchen Flooring

Kitchen Flooring Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Looks Stunning

Still with tiles, there is another example of kitchen flooring ideas that you can try at home. It is by using the same color tiles to cover all floor area in the kitchen. To make it looks different, instead of using the same size for the tiles, you are suggested more to use tiles in different sizes. People might not realize about the special kitchen flooring when they enter the room at first. Even so, if they look deeper, they will find out that the flooring is actually really special because the size of tiles you use is different from one to another. If you are not so sure that you can install and also cut the tiles on your own, you can just hire an installer to do it for you. All that you have to do is just mentioning the idea that we are talking about previously.

Tips to Place Large Area Rugs in Your House

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Large area rugs are trending items in this 2013. This fact might be a thing that you already know so that you finally gain some interest to buy one or two area rugs with large size to be placed in your house. The problem is, do you really know about how to place the rugs? Placing this kind of rugs, especially if the size is rather big, is a thing that must not be done randomly. The reason is that the rugs can be considered as something more than just decorative items for home interior. There are also some functions can be found in these items. For example, area rug is a room decoration that can be used to make your hardwood flooring to be more durable because it protects the flooring from scratches and also spills.

Where to Place Large Area Rugs

Tips to Place Large Area Rugs in Your House

It is possible for you to place large area rugs in any room as you like, it seems to be much better for you to know about some best places to place the rugs. The first place is any room with high traffic or the room that often used in the house. This kind of room can be living room or family room. Other than that, you can also place the rugs as decoration in a room with hardwood flooring. As mentioned earlier, these rugs can be trusted in protecting this flooring. Even if the flooring is already known with its best quality durability, the flooring can be even more durable if the rugs are used to cover it. Lastly, placing one of the rugs in your bedroom is also good because you will get more comfort whenever you are stepping on it on your walk to bed.

How to Place Large Area Rugs

Tips to Place Large Area Rugs in Your House

Placing large area rugs are things that actually rather easy for you to do. Before placing a rug with large size, you have to measure the size of room where the rug will be placed so that the rug will never be too large or too small for the room. When placing it, you have to make sure that the rug does not use the door-swing area so that there will never be any problem in opening the door. Other than that, this way can also avoid the rug from being damaged too soon because of the door opening. For the position, it is up to you to place the rug in the center of the room or right under furniture in there.

Living Room Flooring Ideas - The Reasons to Choose Polished Concrete Flooring

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Living room flooring ideas might be things that occur in your mind together with a thought about the use of some popular types of flooring, such as hardwood, carpet, or laminate. You might never thought about a type of flooring which is known as polished concrete flooring. When you hear about concrete, you might think that it is suitable to be used outside only. Here, you have to know that concrete flooring and polished concrete flooring are actually different things. In this case, concrete flooring which is polished is certainly suitable to be used as a part of interior because of the smooth and uncut surface of it. One other thing that you have to know is that recently, this flooring is quite suggested to be applied in a room where you will welcome all of your guests, which is nothing else but living room.

Why You Have to Choose the Polished Flooring

Here, it seems that you are suggested to choose polished concrete flooring for the living room in your house. There are in fact some reasons why you are told to do so. First of all, you have to know that this flooring is a suggested option in the year of 2013. Of course, when flooring is mentioned to be so, it means that this flooring is something trending so that it is used in quite a lot of recent living room flooring ideas. Other reason that you have to know here is that, as mentioned previously, the surface of this flooring looks so smooth and also glossy. This kind of look is certainly the one that will make every living room gains more aesthetic value. The last but not least reason to choose the flooring is because it is not only durable but also so strong.

Living Room Flooring Ideas

Living Room Flooring Ideas: Color Combination of Polished Concrete Flooring and Walls

If you need a suggestion in applying living room flooring ideas in which polished concrete flooring is taken as the option, here is one which is quite easy for you to do. One thing that you have to know here is that the suggestion is not only about the flooring in your living room, which in this case is polished concrete, but also about another interior part of your living room, which is wall paint. Here, you can actually use the color of your polished concrete flooring with the color of living room paint to create an extraordinary look. For example, if the color of polished concrete flooring that you choose is dark, you can combine it with red wall paint in order to create something warm and inviting.

Bedroom Flooring Ideas - Hardwood Flooring as Trend in 2013

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Bedroom Flooring Ideas - Hardwood Flooring as Trend in 2013 | You might question why when you are trying to find some recent bedroom flooring ideas, you find out that hardwood flooring is a type of flooring which is more recommended to choose. If you still have that question in mind, it means that you do not know that actually hardwood is trend when it comes to flooring in the year of 2013. It is so reasonable if this flooring then is being suggested here and there. Since it is so, this flooring is certainly the one that you have to consider if in the near future you are about to remodel your bedroom in order to get a fresher atmosphere there. In order to make the remodeling perfect, here are few things related to hardwood flooring that you have to know first so that later you can create a decision to really use the flooring in your bedroom.

Why Hardwood Flooring is Suggested to Choose

From many bedroom flooring ideas which are trending in the year of 2013, hardwood is a type of flooring which is recommended based on some reasons. The first reason is because in this year, natural is a theme chosen for interior trend. Of course, this trend includes flooring as a part of it too. It is the very basic reason why hardwood is included in the category of suggested types of flooring for people to choose recently. Other reason that you have to know is related quite much to the natural characteristic of hardwood which is so durable. Any flooring made of hardwood can certainly be chosen for long term flooring without a doubt. Moreover, the physical look of hardwood makes the flooring to be something timeless, which means that it is suitable to be chosen as an option of flooring in any era.

Bedroom Flooring Ideas

Suggested Example of Bedroom Flooring Ideas with Hardwood Option

If you need an example of bedroom flooring ideas that will match this year’ trend quite much, here is an idea that you may want to try. When you are about to remodel the flooring in your bedroom, it is much better for you to choose black walnut flooring. The reason why you are told to do so is not only because walnut is a quite pretty flooring option. It is also about the fact that the dark color of walnut will meet black and white colors quite easily. For your information, black and white combination is the one suggested to be applied in home interior, including bedroom, in 2013.

Consider These Types of Flooring Before Buying

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Consider These Types of Flooring Before Buying - Confusion normally becomes the part of people’s minds whenever they are seeking for flooring ideas and they encounter various types of flooring before them. Indeed, when you have come to the stores which provide such flooring alternatives, everything seems so blurry. All alternatives seem so great for you. That way, it will be a pain in the neck for you to determine the proper one. Of course, everything will be a lot much simpler if you have some knowledge related to the flooring ideas before you go to the stores. Thus, you can at least have some insight towards what you are going to face. Well, hopefully, the explanation below can be of help for you.

It is hard to deny the fact that the types of flooring seem to be countless. Yet, you can focus on some popular types and narrow your choice to those alternatives. Therefore, it will be easier for you to get the proper one.

Hardwood Flooring Equals Naturality

Hardwood flooring is always the one to seek if your house is full of natural theme. This kind of flooring will definitely boost the atmosphere but at the same time it will also add the comfort. Hardwood flooring appears with great look and also the ability to be refinished over and over. In other words, you will never be able to say this kind of flooring to be outdated. As long as you can deal with the maintenance properly, this flooring will return the favor by providing great ambience and coziness to your house.

 Consider These Types of Flooring Before Buying

Laminated Flooring: Hard to Install but Great Durability

When you hear about laminated flooring, one thing surely appears in your mind: hard installation. This hard-to-install flooring idea is usually the one avoided by the people. For addition, they do not really want to spend bigger sum of money to get such flooring type. However, don’t you think there is one or two things great beyond such troubles? As one of the types of flooring that gain nice popularity recently, laminated flooring turns out to be the greatest one if you are seeking for durability and easy to maintain flooring idea. Of course, it is only possible once you have got through such hard installation. This flooring is awesomely resistant to scratches, dents, and the other bad things. Longevity seems to be the middle name for such flooring idea.

Consider These Types of Flooring Before Buying

Ceramic Flooring for Limited Budget

Last but not least is ceramic flooring. Compared to the first two types of flooring stated earlier, this one sounds to be the most frequently-to-hear. But, aside from its commonness, this flooring beats any other alternatives if you have limited budget.