Hardwood Flooring Installation for Bedroom

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Hardwood Flooring Installation for Bedroom - Some people say that the core of your house is your bedroom. You can enjoy your resting time with your partner in bedroom. That is why a comfortable and attractive decoration in bedroom is important. Many aspects that have to be considered in making a good and comfortable bedroom, from the decoration, the bed, the furniture up to the floor. The clean and cozy floor in bedroom will make you feel more joyful moment and feel happier to stay there longer. For your information, there are tons of flooring types including the materials used to make it. It can be made of carpet, floor tile, ceramics and hardwood. The last choice can be better to be used in your bedroom if you want to get an elegant and cozy bedroom. In hardwood flooring installation, you can ask the professional to get a better result, but it’s not out of possibility that you can install it by yourself. However, you have to pay attention to these steps if you want to install your own hardwood floor.

Hardwood Flooring Installation Preparations

The first thing you have to do in dealing with hardwood flooring installation in your bedroom is preparing the materials and tools. You can prepare the hardwood which is suitable for your bedroom, porch system kit modular, wood putty, vapor barrier paper, glue, saw, polyfoam, ear protection, safety goggles, chalk line, speed drill variable and others. These materials and tools are the things you have to prepare before you are going to install your hardwood floor by yourself.

Let’s Get the Installation Started!

The first step of hardwood flooring installation is to choose the hardwood board and species width suitable to your bedroom’s floor. The next is you have to clean the area where you want to install the hardwood. Use glue at the first lining and apply polyfoam to reduce the humidity in order to make the wood last long. In case you’re your original floor is not level, you may use system of self leveling flooring. Mix the liquid from the self leveling and pour it in the dips floor.

When it dries, you may begin in installing the hardwood flooring. To prevent the water damage in your sub floor, the next thing that you have to do is to roll out 15 pounds roofing as moisture barrier. Then you may start to lay the composite flooring. Lock together the planks that go down easily. To give the extra beauty and strength, stagger the board and tapping with a rubber mallet. The last thing is using install nailer to install the piece transition.

Things You Need to Know about the Maintenance

The last is you have to clean and take care to your hardwood flooring in order to maintain its strength and beauty. You can do regular sweep, clean it with special cleaner for hardwood floor by spray, and wipe it off with soft cloth.

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