Self Cork Flooring Tiles Installation: How Much Will You Save?

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Self Cork Flooring Tiles Installation: How Much Will You Save? - In order to cut down the cost in decorating or improving the condition of the house, so many people think that it is best to do everything on their own. In addition to the fact that they can save some money, they can also be as creative as possible since it is them who do the efforts. Perhaps, such idea can be applied if you are trying to handle the flooring. Among various alternatives you can find, installing the flooring without any professional help can surely let you keep some sum of money. But, the questions are: Is it worthy to do that? Will the result be great? How much will you save? Well, at this point, we are going to find the answer of those questions by using cork flooring tiles installation as the model.

Start Installing Cork Flooring Tiles on Your Own

The main reason why cork flooring tiles are chosen is because it is a very common choice, it is considered to be easy-to-install flooring, and above all it can cover almost everything desired by the people about at flooring idea. So, let’s start with the first question. Is it worthy to do the installation on your own? When it comes to cork flooring tiles installation, to be honest, it is totally worthy. Like what has been stated earlier, the installation is not really that hard.

Thus, it might be quite too much to hire someone to do that for you if you can do it yourself unless you are too lazy and like to slacking things off. Then, what should be done to start the installation? Hey! It is the time to prepare the equipment and tools. Standard tools are enough and you can find the guidelines for the installation everywhere especially on the net. About the result, well, to be honest, it depends on your skills and how determined you are.

However, there have been so many people who can have nice installation of this flooring idea even though they do not really have the skills. One tip here is that you should do it little by little. Take a break once you have done a meter square to check whether everything is okay.

How Much Will You Save?

Finally, we have come to the most important question: how much will you save? You need to know the price of cork flooring tiles first. Normally, it is about $20 per meter square. But, such cost can vary based on the brand of the flooring tiles and the type. At this point, you are able to make calculation by multiplying the width of the room with the price. Keep in mind that you need to pay at least 10% of total money you spend to purchase the flooring if you are using installation service. Thus, if you have a room with 10 meters square, you will need to spend $200 only without any need to pay extra $20 for the installation since you are doing it yourself.

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