Large Are Rugs Combined with Hardwood Flooring: It’s Awesome!

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Having hardwood flooring is really good for your house because you can expect natural theme as well as comfortable atmosphere. However, you should also know that there is another way to improve the greatness of your flooring. Large area rugs cheap are the answer. At this point, you surely want to know how such two-different-yet-great flooring ideas can support each other. Some people find that to use rugs and hardwood flooring altogether is wasteful since each can stand on its own and the result has already been great enough. Nevertheless, if you can use them properly, for your information, they can support each other.

Trick to Combine Large Area Rugs Cheap and Hardwood

It is all about the trick. And here, we are going to revel it. Large area rugs cheap normally are used in your living room and that’s it. Some of you might think it is not really that good. On the other hand, you might also find your hardwood flooring is quite boring even though it is comfortable. Now, let’s talk about the combination between those two. Imagine a spot in your living room where you have hardwood flooring and then you place your large area rugs cheap there. Don’t you think it will be a lot much more awesome ?

Hardwood Flooring

You can throw away the furniture since the rugs will be able to exceed your expectation in seeking some comfort. In case you want to watch some movies there, you can simply lie down. You can also seek for some relaxation with the fluffiness and warmth offered by the rugs. Do not forget how hardwood flooring will make your living room has nice look as well. “Ah, I want to have a room like that.” Is that how you have in mind now? Don’t waste your time and start searching for the rugs now.

Hardwood Flooring

Pad Is the Secret

Once you have got it, do not rush in installing the rugs. It is not like you can only place your large area rugs cheap and leave it that way. If you expect for your room to be good, you are waiting for something impossible to happen. To combine the rugs and the hardwood flooring, you need to have a pad and you must choose the high quality one. The main important function of the pad is to make your rugs stuck on the hardwood flooring perfectly. Wibbling-wobbling rugs will not happen and it is also thanks to the pad to let your rugs have no ventilation below. Do you know what it means? No ventilation means that there is no chance for mildew, bacteria, and other bad things to grow there. Eventually, the comfort will be more optimized.

Things to Consider before Applying Concrete Floor Paint in Your Garage

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Things to Consider before Applying Concrete Floor Paint in Your Garage - Many house owners around the world try to beautify their houses day by day. All parts of the house is decorated or furnished to get their dream house. But, not many of them consider the condition of the garage. The garage is usually remained as the way it is. Not few of them forget to pay attention to it, including the floor. It has to be admitted that  concrete floor paint for garage becomes a star for many houseowners. This due to the product selling of it get increasing year by year. The problem faced by them is the peeling paint on their garage floor. This is because they use oil-based paint. This makes them fed up since they have to repeat painting the garage floor. The key is the paint used or the cleanness of the floor before it is painted.

Things to consider

There are several things for you to consider before you start painting your concrete floor. If you pay attention to these useful ways, you will not have to be troublesome with painting concrete garage floor eventually.

Concrete Floor Paint

  • Clean it properly
The first thing you have to do and do not ignore before applying concrete floor paint is to clean the floor solemnly and properly. This will make the dirt that could block the painting process go away. You can try to look for dirt remover on the store. This remover can clean not only the dirt but also the oil and grease on the floor. Before using it, you have to read the instructions thoroughly. Do not forget to wear safety outfit for example gloves and facemask.
  • Tool to consider
Besides preparing the safety outfit and the dirt remover, you need to provide a pressure washer. If you cannot or do not want to buy one, you can borrow it form your friend or neighbor. The thing is you have to look for good or high quality dirt or grease remover so that it can work optimally with the this pressure washer. If you often mad at the peeling paint, you have to keep an eye whether there is moisture or not. If there is too much, this will block the paint itself. That is why your concrete floor paint can peel and cannot stick for a long time.
  • Check the garage floor condition
Before applying concrete floor paint, you have to make sure that the floor is not wet or damp along hot weather. If this condition happens, do not apply the paint too hurry because it will make your work useless. The paint will peel again soon. The best solution for you is to keep it clean. You can try to find products on the nearest store that consists of epoxy coating material. This can protect your garage floor from the heat, moisture, and the chemical substances.  All you have to is keep the cleanness of the floor thoroughly to keep the paint last longer.

Black-White Tile Floor Patterns for Bathroom Design

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Black-White Tile Floor Patterns for Bathroom Design - A modern home usually does not include too much decorative aspects and elements in the interior designs. Most modern families rely on functions and practicality. Tile floor patterns options as part of flooring design will also be an element that modern couples want to consider before getting into a home makeover. Tile is available in various choices including porcelain, ceramic, travertine, limestone and slate. The luxury of tile flooring is wide variations of alternatives that home owners can pick. Although making an option can be easy, choosing patterns for bathroom can be tricky. Too plain flooring will make it look dull and boring. Yet, too much patterns will look full for this space.

Classic Energy of Black and White

Most home owners fall to white, crème and other neutral colored tile floor patterns. Normally, they base the option due to the space they can get in matching the tiles with bathroom furniture and décor. The classic energy of black and white tile patterns gives a combination of light and dark. It is never obsolete and out of date. The opposite beauty of bright white and deep black accentuates the bathroom with balanced color combination that won’t go too much nor too plain. The choice of bathtub and shower can be adjusted with the tile and combination of colors is also possible for racks.

Tile Floor Patterns

Neutral Options for Bathroom

While some houses may look feminine or masculine with the choice of colors that represents the tendency of such option, black and white stands in the middle. It fits both masculine and feminine. If you seek for tile floor patterns that can turn the bathroom into a neutral space, this is it. This flooring is easy to match with white wall paints and furniture sets, making the space look wider for small bathroom. If you happen to have larger bathroom, installation of floor tile can be mixed with wall tile as well. The most important factor in choosing your bathroom flooring is texture and finishing. Make sure that it won’t be slippery.

Tile Floor Patterns

Shape Designs of Tile Floor Patterns

Designs of shapes patterns on flooring vary from classic squares and rectangle up to circles, octagon, hexagon and any mixture between two or three patterns. In combining these two colors, depending on the size of the bathroom and effects that you wish to make, installation can be varied from regular parallel, diagonal installation technique and making a certain pattern using white and black mixture like mosaic like design. Adhesive and grout can be both applied to increase the bathroom look.

Undergo Basic Principles in Concrete Floor Coatings

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Undergo Basic Principles in Concrete Floor Coatings - A wise statement says that preparation is everything. It determines to whole matters starting from the processes up to the outcome. True, such thing also goes on to the installation of concrete flooring as well as coating it. Concrete floor coatings are something usually assumed to be elementary since it is not hard to do so.

You can either ask the coating service or flooring installation service to do that for you or you can try to cope with it on your own. Nonetheless, because of its simplicity, some basic protocols are often neglected and it is usually done by the professional flooring contractors. Although at first you can find the coating can be done properly, in a matter of a while, you can find that the result will turn bad.

Concrete Floor Coatings: Step by Step

Based on the things above, to understand basic preparation principles in coping with concrete floor coatings is absolutely necessary. The better you can have the preparation will lead you to the better results. If you are wondering about what should be done, below are the principles that you need to follow if you are seeking for the most optimal outcome.

Concrete Floor Coatings

To start concrete flooring coatings, firstly, you need to determine or know the floor type that you are going to handle. For your information, there are various concrete floor types out there and each of them demands different treatments. Typically, those types can be divided into three major categories: soft, hard, and medium. It is really fundamental to know it so you can determine later acts you need to undergo.

Another preparation part you must acknowledge and needs to be determined beforehand is the grinding method. Commonly, you know two methods here. The first is shot blasting. A lot of contractors prefer to do this method because it is cheaper than the other method. Of course, the aim is to cut down their operating cost to maximize the profits. But, you need to know that this method is actually the aggressive and hard one.

Thus, it is only suitable to do it when you want to take care of the flooring surface. Forget doing this method if you are going to handle a thin film. If you are taking care of the more fragile and need-to-be-handled-gently matters, the second method should be applied and it is called diamond grinding. That is why you should do it if you are handling with epoxy or urethane. Unlike the previous grinding technique, it will not damage the concrete.

Concrete Floor Coatings
Make sure you grind all the edges. This matter is normally abandoned by the contractors because it will take more time and skills. Yes, indeed, most contractors think that detailed matters are really frustrating. Thus, it is totally better for you to take care of concrete floor coatings on your own so you can determine the quality by yourself.

Whenever you have thought the grinding is enough, it is the time for cleaning. To make sure you can have complete bonding, sweeping and vacuuming the floor is really necessary. Make sure you do it all the way to the edges so there will be no debris or residues remain.

Finally, you can start with concrete floor coatings and you should do it with the first layer as the “foundation” which is then followed by the second layer. Sanding should be undergone after applying the second layer so the bonding can be strong enough and do not forget to clean the residues after applying the sanding. As final touch, urethane top coat is bonded to the flooring.

4 Advantages in Installing Tile Flooring Looks Like Wood

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4 Advantages in Installing Tile Flooring Looks Like Wood - Ceramic tiles or wooden flooring, which will you choose? Even though you are only limited to choose one between two, such question is actually hard to answer. It is not a secret that ceramic tiles are good in durability but lacking in look. Meanwhile, great look belongs to wooden floor but you need to prepare big sum of money to maintain the condition and it might not be that durable. It is totally a great thing if the pros from each types of flooring can be mixed into one.

However, is it possible to have ceramic tile flooring looks like wood? Maybe, at first, you barely have any idea how such flooring can exist. Nonetheless, for your information, it really does exist. And like what we have imagined before, this flooring type is able to combine the pros of both ceramic tiles and wooden floor. At the same time, the cons can be minimized as well.

The Pros of Tile Flooring Looks Like Wood

In order to let you learn how awesome ceramic tile flooring looks like wood can be, you can take a look at these following points that will show the pros.

1. greater look

It is true that ceramic tile flooring looks like wood absolutely appears better than regular tile flooring. As a matter of fact, it is actually just a mere ceramic tiles but the pattern printed on the surface is made to be as similar as possible to wooden flooring. At least, the appearance will look so catchy and the eyes will be deceived that they are actually looking at the ceramic tile.

Tile Flooring Looks Like Wood

2. better durability

Without a doubt, since durability is one of the properties owned by ceramic tile flooring, you can find how this flooring idea is able to last for a long time without any need for you to deal with the replacement. As long as you take care of it properly, the flooring will not crack easily and the look can be well maintained.

3. easy installation

Unlike wooden flooring that demands you to prepare sophisticated tools and equipment, tile flooring looks like wood is really easy to install. There are barely any skills needed to cope with the installation. Just make sure that the surface is clean and level and then you can start doing it. On contrary, wooden floor demands specific skills for you or otherwise the result will not be nice enough.

4. affordability

Perhaps, this pro is the most important one for you. It is undeniably appropriate for those who want to decorate the flooring but have limited budget.

Vinyl Flooring Tiles Maintenance Is Annoying? Check These Tips Out

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Vinyl Flooring Tiles Maintenance Is Annoying? Check These Tips Out - Having good looking and comfortable house is the dream of all people but not all of them are able to realize it. Sometimes, when you get home from your work and you expect great atmosphere, what you get is the contrary. You do not feel any relaxation at home and thus, you want to go out. “It is better to put a bullet in my head than to spend my time at home”, that’s what you might think in extreme due to the frustration you face. Does it mean you need to move to the new place? LMAO! Although it sounds so tempting but don’t you need to spend a fortune for that?

Bring Comfort to the House with Vinyl Flooring Tiles

Put a thick-black line to such idea. Instead, why don’t you try to make your current house become like what you desire? You can really do that and you can start by choosing vinyl flooring tiles as your flooring alternative. What a minute, among many kinds of flooring, why is it vinyl flooring tiles as your choice? Despite the fact that this flooring type has nice look and easy to install, don’t you think it is hard enough to cope with the maintenance? Well, keep on reading and you can say goodbye to the troublesome maintenance for vinyl flooring tiles.

Vinyl Flooring Tiles

Four Basic Things to Maintain Vinyl Flooring Tiles
  1. One thing you must always notice is that the use of solvent based cleaning products is forbidden. Although at first, such products sound so great, if you really use it, you need to prepare to feel sad because in no time, your vinyl flooring tiles will lose its glow and shine.
  2. Second, put into your consideration that this flooring type is quite fragile. Therefore, you should scrub it violently or forcefully. Use soft clothes or any other fluffy things if you want to scrub it. It is quite unfortunate to have your vinyl flooring get scratched, marked, or damaged because of your own mistake.
  3. Third, to maintain the look of the vinyl flooring from dents or scratches that might be caused by your furniture, use some padding and place it under the legs of the furniture. It is a wise thing to do that to your tables and chairs. In case you move the furniture accidentally, it will not leave mark on the flooring.
Fourth, do not ever mop your vinyl flooring tiles with soaked mop. The surface of vinyl flooring is quite absorbent. You will only make the flooring wobbling and it will not be comfortable. Even if you want to mop it, use a little amount of water only