Black-White Tile Floor Patterns for Bathroom Design

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Black-White Tile Floor Patterns for Bathroom Design

Black-White Tile Floor Patterns for Bathroom Design - A modern home usually does not include too much decorative aspects and elements in the interior designs. Most modern families rely on functions and practicality. Tile floor patterns options as part of flooring design will also be an element that modern couples want to consider before getting into a home makeover. Tile is available in various choices including porcelain, ceramic, travertine, limestone and slate. The luxury of tile flooring is wide variations of alternatives that home owners can pick. Although making an option can be easy, choosing patterns for bathroom can be tricky. Too plain flooring will make it look dull and boring. Yet, too much patterns will look full for this space.

Classic Energy of Black and White

Most home owners fall to white, crème and other neutral colored tile floor patterns. Normally, they base the option due to the space they can get in matching the tiles with bathroom furniture and décor. The classic energy of black and white tile patterns gives a combination of light and dark. It is never obsolete and out of date. The opposite beauty of bright white and deep black accentuates the bathroom with balanced color combination that won’t go too much nor too plain. The choice of bathtub and shower can be adjusted with the tile and combination of colors is also possible for racks.

Tile Floor Patterns

Neutral Options for Bathroom

While some houses may look feminine or masculine with the choice of colors that represents the tendency of such option, black and white stands in the middle. It fits both masculine and feminine. If you seek for tile floor patterns that can turn the bathroom into a neutral space, this is it. This flooring is easy to match with white wall paints and furniture sets, making the space look wider for small bathroom. If you happen to have larger bathroom, installation of floor tile can be mixed with wall tile as well. The most important factor in choosing your bathroom flooring is texture and finishing. Make sure that it won’t be slippery.

Tile Floor Patterns

Shape Designs of Tile Floor Patterns

Designs of shapes patterns on flooring vary from classic squares and rectangle up to circles, octagon, hexagon and any mixture between two or three patterns. In combining these two colors, depending on the size of the bathroom and effects that you wish to make, installation can be varied from regular parallel, diagonal installation technique and making a certain pattern using white and black mixture like mosaic like design. Adhesive and grout can be both applied to increase the bathroom look.

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