Types and Series of Vinyl Flooring Planks

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The increasing popularity of vinyl flooring planks in the market of interior design and home décor has made competition quite tough among manufacturers. Yet, if you are thinking of applying this flooring installation at your living room, choosing a reliable brand is actually quite simple. Yes, indeed, you must choose the best one since living room is the place where you expect to get nice relaxation and some time to refresh your mind. To be careful and aware is necessary. What you need to find is whether a brand is reputable or not, getting positive reviews or not and whether the collections of designs are continually upgraded. Whichever shopping method you are using, online or direct purchasing, make sure that you go for the right choice. Right here means in quality, in variations of designs and after sale service. Sometimes, problems occur after installation and some investigations will be needed. There are cases where problems occur and investigation takes place but no follow up happen. Be careful with these issues or otherwise your living room will not be like what you desire.

Strengths of Vinyl Flooring Planks for Your Living Room

Choosing the right one out of the wide arrays of alternatives in the market should not make you confused. And if you are still weighing between actually purchasing hardwood instead of vinyl flooring planks, there are lots of vinyl floor strengths that you should carefully consider. The first quality is the lightness of this floor. Therefore, it will surely be easier for you to handle the installation. Some people compare vinyl flooring with hardwood.

Vinyl Flooring Planks
However, you should notice that even though hardwood is solid but very heavy and almost impossible to install it yourself. The second strength is the ability to resist water, liquid and stains. This is of course a positive point that makes daily cleaning up easy to perform. Considering that you will spend a lot of time in your living room, such advantage is surely suitable. The choices available are also various and portraying natural patterns can be easily done. Whichever you wish, from wood to stone is possible. With such awesome theme provided by your flooring, you will surely be able to get more relaxation from your living room.

Types and Series of Vinyl Planks

Several vinyl flooring planks types and series that you can consider among others for your living room:
  • soledo plank collection that has nine colors variations. The character of this design is medium board. The width is around four inches and the finishing is smooth
  • pacific plank series portrays the most affordable type that brings the effect of luxurious
  • natural plank types is narrow in design and available in six options of colors. The end result of this flooring brings an effect like oak wood floor. This is very suitable for formal set.
  • Montana series is quite wide and the size reaches 7.24 inches. It is available in eight styles. The end result of this flooring installation is pretty much similar with hardwood flooring
  • wood antique is a collection that offer ten color variation. Once it is installed, it looks like narrow wood strip flooring
  • Bradford plank series portray wood grain patterns and characteristics, The size if wide, about six inches

Concrete Floor Paint Installation for Bathroom And Kitchen

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Concrete Floor Paint - Kitchen and bathroom can be the most demanding yet fragile parts of the house. Why is it so? The first reason, both rooms are regarded as high traffic area where daily use take place. These rooms are also fragile from humidity, germs and dirt. Choosing flooring installation for kitchen and bathroom cannot be done in a rush. Crucial principles are supposed to be weighed carefully in details. Concrete floor paint and concrete wall are not suitable for these rooms since it can absorb water and make the humidity level improve. Perhaps, you are thinking about applying waterproof paint in these areas but the routine flow of water may challenge the paint. Generally, this kind of paint is applied for outer use, to protect walls or roof from rains.

Notes on Concrete Floor Paint

Most households may choose concrete flooring and wall. As the finishing and décor, applying concrete floor paint can easily be conducted. However, despite of its low cost, this flooring type won’t last long is used for kitchen and bathroom. In these areas, family members take shower, bathe, wash dishes, cook, and all of those activities require water.

Concrete Floor Paint

Water, concrete floor and wall cannot get along together no matter how well this concrete element is protected. In the long run, the maintenance cost of this type of flooring can be more compared to tiles, for instance. And, in the end of the day, instead of budget efficiency, you may need to get extra charges for keeping things fine.

Bathroom Flooring Alternative: Ceramics

Another affordable alternative rather than applying concrete floor paint installation is using tiles or ceramics. Tiles are very durable, easy to maintain and strong to protect floor and wall from water flow. Kitchen and bathroom can be varied in designs, patterns combination and colors. With current online shopping scheme, house owners can easily browse, consult and purchase various tiles. Watching how certain patterns are displayed and installed is also easier to do.

Concrete Floor Paint

This is one of the most efficient ways of materials shopping. Not longer than two hours, everything can be fixed. In order to get the proper design, you may need a third party to watch your choice, also bridge between the provider and your choice. Depending on the effect you and family want to have in the kitchen as well as bathroom, find some alternatives of colors, patterns and combination of tiles. After that, discuss the measurement with the online store. They will be able to calculate the amount of ceramic needed for these rooms.

Choosing and Installing Tile Floor Patterns That Suit Your Need

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Choosing and Installing Tile Floor Patterns That Suit Your Need - Despite of its practicality and various options, beautiful tile floor patterns bring a problem for inexperience home owners. It is not about quality or anything, but choosing combinations of patterns can be killing. All seem nice and making one decision seems to be putting aside other lovely collections which are truly shame. Americans seem to have a different taste in tile as those Asians. Asians love to get all floors covered by shiny ceramic, especially those who live in the tropical zones. Ceramic tiles provide coolness and can reduce heat in the house. But, Americans prefer tiles to cover their bathroom and kitchen for functions and protection reasons. However, with a bit of shift in perspective, whole floor tile installation actually brings exotic feeling and it is truly easy to maintain!

Warm Tile Floor Patterns

You may perhaps check and recheck whether this recommendation actually suits your condition. Living in four season country makes you want to have neutral flooring that won’t make any areas or rooms become too cold or too warm. Ceramic actually can facilitate this need. Choosing warmer tile floor pattern will bright up the room as well as keeping the room clean all day.

Tile Floor Patterns

If you wish to add some fluffy carpet or rug in the living room on the ceramic tile, it can be done easily. When the temperature gets warmer, move the rugs out and keep it in the storage. The beauty and naturalness of the floor will soon reveal. Warm patterns will make the room stay friendly but when you walk on the tiles, its cool and soothing surface can be really relaxing.

DIY Installation Tips

After deciding on which tile floor pattern that suit your home, you may wonder about the possibility to get it installed without having to pay extra for a worker. Here is what you need to consider before installing it yourself :
  • making sure that the floor is clean from dust, water and other elements is important
  • tile installation should be started from the center point of the room, then going to the sides
  • some adjustments will need to be done if there are parts of the tile that do not fit some space. You may need to cut them. Focus on the whole tile and get them finish before doing the adjusted part
  • carefully install pieces of tiles and it may take some time if you do mosaic styles
  • once it is completed, cover all with grout and wait for about twenty minutes before cleaning
  • leave the floor to dry in twenty four hours!

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Complete Steps on DIY Vinyl Flooring Tiles Installation

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Complete Steps on DIY Vinyl Flooring Tiles Installation - Handling flooring installation can be both easy and demanding at the same time. The process of choosing the proper type of floor, the colors, motives, combination and dealing with installation need some devoted time and energy. If you are a practical type of person, vinyl flooring tiles would help you a lot in matching, mixing and placing. Different than other tiles like hardwood and ceramic or tiles, vinyl is pretty much easier to choose, install and maintain. You do not need to get dizzy in combining several patterns into a harmony like that in the ceramic flooring method. You also do not need to spend too much budget on paying professional help to install hardwood floor. Besides that, the step-by-step do it yourself guides are easy to find. What you need to prepare is some tools (and you’d better know well which is which) and some nerve!

Preliminary Steps of Vinyl Flooring Tiles Installation

There is always the first time for everything. The first time for you to step on the floor was probably years ago, but the first time to install vinyl flooring tiles may soon begin. If you are not quite familiar with some works like this, go to hardware store nearby and get some advice on the needed tools you will use. Tools are important part in the process.

Vinyl Flooring Tiles

Preliminary steps of installation start with:
  • clearing up the room or area you will install. And, it means totally clear. No more furniture and anything on the floor
  • remove the current flooring using hammer and flat bar. Make sure that it is all dry, clean and clear. No leftover elements, no bubbles, no liquid, nothing. Vacuum if necessary.
  • apply the ski coat using patch and skim coat available, remember to mix it with water first
  • cover it, and leave it for about sixteen hours in average to make sure that the coat is dry and set
  • cut out and prepare the vinyl floor

Vinyl Flooring Tiles

Installing the New Floor

After preparing, the core of vinyl flooring tiles installation process shall begin. Here are the steps:
  • bring the cut floor inside and try to put them on the area to make sure that the size is proper
  • apply the glue on the surface of the coated floor
  • make sure that the glue is half dry to make it stronger
  • set and install the vinyl floor
  • make sure that the floor is solidly attached and the glue dries before putting back the furniture and other stuffs on the new floor
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The Advantages of Laminate Flooring Installation

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Laminate Flooring Installation becoming a recent boom and trend in flooring, laminate flooring is actually not a new concept. It turns to be more and more demanded nowadays after people understand well the values of investment and benefits of this flooring type. Besides its practicality in maintenance as well as durability, laminate flooring installation is also known of its varieties of options. The visual effects are elegant and natural, while walking on it and doing various kinds of activities on laminated floor is also comfy. This flooring also fits well both home and office uses, both modern and traditional concepts as well as simple, futuristic design.

Facts on Laminate Floor

Laminate flooring installation is actually a model that contains materials from fiber and melamine in the inside part and on the surface being applied with various patterns and then covered with a defensive layer. The printed pattern is like a photo appliqué that consists of many options. Among the most commonly found patterns are stone and wood. Of course, the image is not natural since it is a replication of wood floor.

This flooring technology was introduced at the first time in Sweden in the year of eighties. It was not instantly becoming a trend but the growth made a significant improvement in only the first ten years and continues to date. In regards to the pioneer of the laminate floor, Pergo, it is also often called the same. Nowadays, the patterns available can also replicate ceramic and stone feeling.

Laminate Flooring Installation

Laminate Floor Installation Advantages

Below are the advantages of laminate flooring installation:
  • various natural applications and captures that are affordable, durable and efficient come to the top of the list. Laminate flooring can support heavy duty tasks
  • after being recently developed further by industries in North America, the variations of laminate flooring are getting wider. Even though it was originated in Europe, remarkable looking of the designs have been recently be improved by the roles of American industries. Various designs and options come to the next list of advantages.
  • creativity of varying widths of planks and tiles’ sizes also offer more options for home owners.

Getting It Done

How to get laminate floor installation be ready? Is it hard or expensive? If you are confident in installing it yourself, getting a guide on how to DIY is now easy from the internet. Of course, the time and effort spent will take some time. It is, however, better to do it during breaks or holidays time. It will not make you rushed in getting everything ready. But, if professional help is your option, beware of the rate. A medium single room can cost five hundred dollars in installation, whereas the whole flooring in a house can cost three thousand bucks. More people prefer to do independent installation for cost reduction.

Cork Flooring Tiles: Suitable for Cats and Dogs Lovers

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Cork Flooring Tiles : Suitable for Cats and Dogs Lovers - Frustrated in figuring out how to choose and install flooring that can stand your pets’ wild behavior? Well, it is not always easy to decide which one is more important. If you choose keeping the pets, then some work needs to be done in making you home both comfortable and save for you and the pets. But, if it is a dream house that you are aiming to realize, will you let the kittens or puppies go? Perhaps not! Statistics shows that more than sixty percent of American homes have pets, either cats or dogs or both of them. Kids and adults both enjoy these animals’ companion. But, owning pets is not only about nice things but also dealing with their bites, scratches and defecating. Will your floor able to handle all those wildness? Cork flooring tiles do.

Benefits and Strengths of Cork Flooring Tiles

It may be hard to imagine such nice flooring installation and dollars of investment being easily wracked by your cat or dog. It will be very painful to see them explore sharp nails and teeth. Having your dogs run around? No problems either. Cork flooring tiles are able to hold compression until forty five percent.

What will happen after that? The floor returns to its shape and texture! No damage visible, no torn, scratched floor can be found, nothing! This is the strongest feature of cork floors. In addition to that, it is also resistant to water. It means, if your pets pee on the floor accidentally, spill milk or drinks, or you do so when cooking, the liquid won’t be absorbed by the floor. What you need to do is dry the liquid and that’s it.

Cork Flooring Tiles

Anti-Allergenic Options

Having pets and allergy at the same time? Well, what you need is something easy to clean and cork flooring tiles can do that. Some people get allergic reaction with their pet’s hair and dander. They are scattered pretty much anywhere and can cause itch or asthmatic symptoms. Cork floors is easy to clean because the hairs and dander that fall on the floor won’t stick and easy to vacuum.

Unlike some other floors that tend to lock the hairs in, cork floors keep them on the surface visible and cleanable. Pollen can also become annoying allergens that your pets bring after they run around the backyard. There is always a possibility that pollens are varied through the hair and fall on the floor. Make sure to lock and separate the pets so that you can clean the floor frequently.

Different Types of Laminate Floor Cleaner

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Having laminate flooring cleaner is a good thing and you must be grateful with it. There are so many home owners out there who will envy you because of such matter. Nonetheless, to maintain your pride to have such flooring, in no time, you will need to clean this floor. And you know what, everything has consequences and it applies to laminate floor as well. So many people who own laminate floor claim that cleaning it is agonizing. You must pay really nice attention to the laminate floor cleaner you are using as well as the method. If you make mistake on this, be prepared to feel disappointed. Your laminate floor will be damaged instantly or at least, the charm will get duller. Luckily, you have come to the right article. Here, to cope with laminate floor cleaning can be a lot much easier because you are going to learn about the keys.

Proper Laminate Floor Cleaner for Certain Situation

To make you more focused, you must know that the main problem you usually face with laminate floor cleaning is the stain. There are two types of stain and each of them needs to be taken care of differently (of course, you are going to use different kinds of laminate floor cleaner and technique). Let’s talk about those two basic stain types in more detailed.

Laminate Floor Cleaner

The first type is dry stains and the cover dirt and dust. As a matter of fact, this kind of stain happens to all flooring ideas. However, for laminate flooring, you cannot just try to use the sweep and expect it will become a good laminate floor cleaner. If you really do it like you normally do to the other kinds of flooring, you will leave serious scratches on your laminate floor.

It is true that dust and dirt are actually having pointy edges if you take a look at them using microscope. Using dry mop is the best way to handle this matter. Make sure the mop has pads completed with deep pockets. Such mop can be found easily in your nearby stores and it will be able to make the dust and dirt become trapped without any chance to scatter around.

Laminate Floor Cleaner

As for the next stain type is the wet or liquid one. Although most laminate floor is completed with water proof coating, but there are some spots where the coating cannot reach. If the liquid comes to that spot and make way in, it will make the floor boards become swelling and the surface will not level. At the same time, the look will be bad as well.

This situation needs immediate action right before the liquid is spilled on the flooring and you need to use proper laminate floor cleaner suitable for this situation. And the answer is to use dry cloth to absorb the liquid. After you have made sure the liquid has been absorbed, use damp cloth to get rid of the leftovers. One more important thing: never use chemical matters to clean your laminate floor because it will only dull the shine.

Tips for Comparing Good Large Carpet Squares Shops

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Tips for Comparing Good Large Carpet Squares Shops - Nowadays, many families decide to choose carpet squares to beautify their house. Some of them feel confused whether using it as a rug or as a form of flooring. Carpet squares are the best choice of flooring for those who want to beautify their house since carpet squares are the friendliest ones. Many shops provide large carpet squares as the additional choice for those who want to get extra satisfaction. The thing is many families get confused to compare which large carpet squares shop are the great ones.

How to compare large carpet squares shops

Once you decide to choose large carpet squares, you better take a look on the sites to get more information about them. You can find the price each square root, each yard, or even each box. Many shops also offer a special service if you order directly to them. This could be another confusing point for the families or consumers. Then, how to compare which shops are better than others so that the consumers will get a good deal? Here are some discussions that can help overcome that confusion :

Large Carpet Squares

1.     Be aware
You have to know first two main types of carpet squares in the market, which are commercial and residential. What is the difference between both of these types? The commercial carpet squares have many design selections. It also lasts long. While the residential ones have fewer choices. Manufactures usually provides these residential with no patterns or specific graphics.

2.     Identify the price
We know that this is the hardest part since every shop has its own characteristics on setting up the price. Some are set based on the square foot size, some others may set based on the square yard or the box. So, you have to decide which size you need. The most common sizes on the market are 18 inch, 24 inch, and 36 inch.
Then, the safest way to compare the price of large carpet square is by setting the size onto the square foot. If you choose per box size, you can divide its price by square feet. It results the price of the carpet per foot.


 Go check more shops

You can buy those large carpet squares directly to the manufactures if you wish. But, thing you have to note is buying directly does not merely mean you also directly give the best deal. It is just the way the manufactures get more money from you. Thus, investigating several shops is needed to get more comparison.

Which One Will You Choose: Bamboo or Hardwood Flooring Types?

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Hardwood flooring is becoming trend in many families for years related to the flooring for their house. But, there is also another alternative of beautiful flooring which is bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring can also bring natural atmosphere to home. That is why some families feel like between rock and the hard place which flooring should they go for.

Considering bamboo and hardwood flooring types

There are many hardwood flooring types available in the market. Due to the excellent quality and the variations this kind of flooring has, the product selling of hardwood flooring is getting increasing. Thus, many people make it as their most appropriate choice. Bamboo and hardwood flooring types are both worth fitting but there are several points for you to consider.

Hardwood Flooring Types

1.     The material aspect
Hardwood floor has been more popular than bamboo floor since a long time. Many people think that in the matter of strength and durability as well, hardwood floor wins. In fact, bamboo floor is also as strong as hardwood floor. This can be a tough material for your floors. But, you need to note that whether you want to choose bamboo or hardwood flooring types, you should ensure that those are free from moisture.

2.     Environment-friendly
Since the availability of bamboo more exists in the environment, people start to choose bamboo floors. Since it grows faster, which means it does not need too long time for growing, some people do not need to worry if they damage the nature. This is due to its easiness of the growth. Unlike bamboo, hardwood trees need very long time to grow. This can be dangerous since it can lead to deforestation.

3.     Budget
If you want to choose one which is cheaper, bamboo flooring types indeed are the answer. Though it could be cheaper than hardwood flooring types, yet bamboo flooring needs to be divided into strips then they have to be glued one another to compose boards. It comes to a conclusion that bamboo flooring is more troublesome to install than hardwood flooring.

Relation Between Hardwood Flooring Installation and Hypoallergenic

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Good interior design usually involves hardwood flooring installation. Yup, it has become an icon or a must-have thing if you want to have great room in both the look and comfort. But, those properties are not the only pros you can find from hardwood flooring. One thing you might not know is the fact that this kind of flooring can let you save more money for medical treatment and see the doctor. True, it seems that there is barely any relation about hardwood flooring and medical treatment. However, surprising information states that to deal with hardwood flooring installation can help you avoid getting the harmful effects caused by allergic reaction. Compared to the other flooring types like rugs and carpet, hardwood flooring is so nice because it does not aggravate allergies. The way how it’s done is about how dust will not be collected and captured. Therefore, if you have allergies towards dust, having hardwood flooring can be the greatest choice for your house and working place.

Hardwood Flooring Installation for People with Allergy

Sometimes, you might not think that allergic reaction is something to be afraid of. If you think that way, it is almost true that you do not have any allergies so you can say that way. However, you need to know that about 50 million people in the US suffer from this condition and they claim that it is so agonizing whenever the reaction has occurred.

For addition, according to an official foundation in America which takes care of asthma and allergy, various allergic forms are said to be the fifth leading serious health problems and it can be fatal. If you can avoid such suffering with hardwood flooring installation, why do you hesitate doing it? Without any dust around you, it is so good for your breath and you can surely expect to get some comfort staying in the room.

Hardwood Flooring Installation

It Is Pricey but Worth Your Health

One thing you might have in mind is about the cost you need to spend. Without a doubt, hardwood flooring installation will cost you a fortune. But, remember that you are dealing with your health. And there is no compromise when it comes to the health. Yet, it is pointless for you to be too concerned about the price since there are so many contractors that can do something to you. It is totally a good idea for you to consult with experience flooring contractor before choosing the type of the hardwood.

They will give you the most proper inspirations and alternatives to you. They can also let you know about the pros and cons for each type such as bamboo, cherry wood, maple, and the likes. After all, although you need to spend more for hardwood flooring installation but you are also able to save some money for medical treatment at the same time.