Phases to Do in DIY Laminate Floor Installation

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Phases to Do in DIY Laminate Floor Installation - DIY has become a lot much more popular recently. Well, it happens almost to anything including home improvement. People choose to do everything on their own due to the fact that it is a lot much more economical. Yep, with the situation where everything is sold in relatively high prices, DIY is an effective way to save some money. If you are trying to take care of your flooring and you have already had laminate floor installation in mind, you are totally allowed to do it on your own. Just make sure you have known these following things first before applying the installation so you will not be disappointed later on. First thing first, you need to find the guidelines for such installation. Where to get it? Don’t be lazy, guys. Book stores and internet are there for you to find it.

Prepare the Tools and Make the Floor Surface Ready

Now that you have known the principles in laminate floor installation, let’s move on to the next phase. True, it is about equipment and tools preparation. They should cover rubber band, utility knife, hammer and nails, tape measure, and the other necessary tools. Once everything has been prepared, say to yourself, “Let’s rock on with the installation!”

Laminate Floor Installation

If you have old flooring, you need to get rid of it first. Make sure the surface where you are going to cope with the installation is really clean. Thus, sweeping and vacuuming are necessary to make it certain that there will be no debris left. Then, check the surface for its levelness. What do you need to do if you find it not really level? Using some dibs is the most proper idea to do. Another problematic situation you might face during this phase is some squeaks. For this matter, you need to apply tiny screws on the squeaky parts. 

Laminate Floor Installation

Here Comes the Laminate Floor Installation

Finally, the time for laminate floor installation has come. You can start by lying moisture barrier on the floor. The aim is to make your laminate floor dry so it will not be wobbling and warping. Do not start the installation directly from the wall. Provide space at least 1 or 2 cm between the wall and the edge of your laminate floor. Tacking should be done every 10 inches or when you think it is necessary. Just make sure it is not too far away or too close from one tack to the others. If you are facing laminate floor installation that meets with door or any other uneven edge, use the knife to trim the flooring to match the shape of the door or the edge.

Have a Closer Look at Cork Flooring Reviews

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Have a Closer Look at Cork Flooring Reviews - Like the way you are planning the concept of your house in a subjective way, the same preference also goes for interior concept and materials choices. The increasing trend of natural or eco-friendly flooring has inspired many house owners to make their sanctuary as green as possible. Not only will it resemble the latest updates, but more importantly it is healthier to live in. For families, the heart of their life goes back to their homes. Various flooring alternatives are now available for your options. One of the favored types is cork floor. How does this flooring suite your home? Let’s have a closer look at cork flooring reviews that are summed up from various testimonies of the customers. Learn well the benefits and risks.

Various Proven Benefits: Customers’ Cork Flooring Reviews 

Besides being known of its eco-friendly nature, most of cork flooring reviews highlights other benefits. This is of course positive for those who have chosen cork as part of the interior elements. However, for those who have not decided anything, it is always good to open up to various choices. The main reasons why people purchase cork flooring is due to its natural touch, lower budget maintenance since intensive cleanings may need to be performed if there are kids around the house. Another benefit is water resistant and comfy to walk on. Simple installation as safer for kids are other advantages one can get from this flooring type.

Cork Flooring Reviews

How about vacuuming? Is it possible to perform on this flooring? Yes, it is. While vacuuming carpets take longer time, vacuuming cork flooring is relatively simpler and faster to do since the vacuum rolls over the floor. The padding like feature of this floor makes things that fall on it, or kids, won’t easily get broken or injured. This is perhaps one of the most benefits parents can get. The look, that many of house owners adore, will be a plus point. Compared with laminated floor or hardwood, the budget for this floor is lower.

Cork Flooring Reviews

Things to Note

Yet, there is another note that you need to pay attention to. Not all cork flooring reviews portrays the excellence of this flooring type. This makes this choice falls into the third of the ranks rather than the first option. The most common complaints on cork flooring that it is bubbly below the installation. It makes the floor easy to get dent, and even dropping some items can leave marks. Depending on the manufacturer, some cork flooring qualities are having serious issues. The handling of complaints is also considered as unsatisfying. It is highly recommended that researching good manufacturers and retailers should be carefully done.

Natural Solutions for Laminate Floor Cleaner

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Natural Solutions for Laminate Floor Cleaner - One of the elements that determine the endurance of your house flooring is its maintenance. It does not mean anything complicated that requires hiring professionals to do it, but the real deal challenge is actually keeping it clean every day. Laminate floor cleaner options that are available in the market may offer lots of practicality, but many are unsatisfied with result. Besides that, the exposure of chemical substance in the house is not really safe for the occupants. If you have small kids around, they usually do lots of activities on the floor playing and exploring with toys or doing homework. Making sure that the floor is clean and safe is very crucial.

Effective Natural Laminate Floor Cleaner

Although in many reviews laminate floor cleaner is said to be easy to maintain, but when it comes to perfection of cleaning and keeping the texture durable, this is the real challenge. Various products that are sold based on manufacture production sometimes are not really able to meet those demands. Hence, homemade mixture has been developed by several mothers offering cheaper, safer and eco-friendly solutions in floor cleaning.

Laminate Floor Cleaner

Wooden laminating type of flooring is perhaps the easiest to maintain provided that you have found the right formula to keep it clean. Most of the recommended natural cleaning mixture is combination of water with vinegar. Make the proportion equal, and then wipe the floor. It does clean it well and quick to dry. If natural fragrance is wanted, drop some essential oils and you can vary the aroma anytime you want it!

Varied Ways of Cleaning

There is another natural solution for wooden laminate floor cleaner alternatives, especially if you are not really in the mood of wiping –the whole house- but prefer to use mop and bucket like you normally do with chemical cleaner. It is also as simple as pouring a half gallon of water and mix with vinegar (of a quarter cup) and one sixth cup of alcohol, plus a couple of dish soap drops (you can add more if needed).

Laminate Floor Cleaner

But, if you do not mind wiping your floor using homemade laminate floor cleaner that is fresh from your hand, consider this tips:
  • get a spray bottle that is usually for cleaning tables and window glass
  • mix in it a cup of alcohol, a cup of vinegar and a cup of water (you can use cup or bottle lid)
  • add up a couple of dish soup drops
  • add up whatever essential oils of aromatherapy
  • mix altogether, and shake before usage
  • clean up the laminated floor, with broom or vacuum cleaner
  • spray the floor and wipe it (like traditional moping technique) using micro fiber cloth
  • it shines!

The Hardwood Flooring Types You Should Know

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Hardwood flooring types is the type of flooring that is not only available in one option. At this time, quite a lot of hardwood flooring types are available. All of those types can be seen based on two major factors. The first one is the main types of the flooring itself and the second one is the species of woods used as the main material to produce the flooring. These two major things are the ones that we are going to talk about here. This basic information about hardwood flooring is certainly the one that you have to know.

Main Hardwood Flooring Types

As mentioned previously, there are two main hardwood flooring types that can be found at this point of time. Those types are solid hardwood flooring and also engineered hardwood flooring. In both of those flooring types, there are similarities and also differences can be found. The first thing found to be similar in both types is an excellent quality of durability. This value is the one that makes both types to be suitable to choose for long term flooring.

One major difference that can be found in both types of the flooring is that the engineered flooring is resistant to moisture while the solid one is not. This value can certainly be used as a point for you and others to consider when about choosing hardwood for home improvement or redecoration.

Hardwood Flooring Types

Types of Hardwood Flooring Based from the Species

If seen from the species of woods, actually there are so many hardwood flooring types can be listed. Even so, only some of the species are known to be more common to be used for house flooring. Let us say that there is maple flooring which color is rather bright. Other than the bright brown color it has, other characteristic that can be seen in this flooring is its smooth surface. Other than maple, there is also oak flooring which is available in two different types. Those types are white and also red oak.

Hardwood Flooring Types

If something dark is wanted, the type of hardwood flooring that must be chosen is nothing else but walnut hardwood flooring or cherry hardwood flooring. Both of these options own a quite dark color that can create better elegance value in any room where they are installed. Other than the options already mentioned here, there are also bamboo, ash, and also pine species that can be chosen for hardwood flooring options.

2 Things To Consider Before Getting Large Area Rugs Cheap

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2 Things To Consider Before Getting Large Area Rugs Cheap - Creating a whole new look in your house can be frustrating if there is no idea pops up in your mind. Thinking about it too hard will only make you unable to get the idea even more. Instead of wasting your time finding the idea and finally leaving the inside of your house without any new and fresh decoration, using large area rugs cheap can be the easiest decorating idea worth it for you to try. These rugs are obviously affordable and they can definitely change the look inside your house. If you want to give it a try, here are some tips that can guide you to decorate your house better by using the rugs as the main material in the decorating.

Think Carefully in Choosing the Material Type of the Large Area Rugs Cheap

Large Area Rugs Cheap

The very first tip about large area rugs cheap that you can use to change the interior look of your house is related to the material of the rugs. Material used to make the rugs is important to consider because some are just so hard to clean and also maintain. If you need a suggestion, there is a type of rug which is not that hard to clean and also maintain. The rug meant here is nothing else but wool rug.

This kind of rug is not only suitable for you who do not have much time, especially to clean your flooring. Other than that, it is also so suitable for you who have kids who can possibly leave stains on your rugs by accident or for you who have pets whose hairs can fall on the rugs as well. The fact that this rug is easy to clean is certainly the one that make it suggested for you to choose.

Color of the Rugs Should Also be Chosen Carefully

Large Area Rugs Cheap

Other than material, there is one other thing that you have to think about deeply in choosing large area rugs cheap for decoration in your house. The thing is nothing else but color. The reason why color should be thought about here is that by choosing the right color, you can minimize the chance to make any stains, dirt, or even pets’ hair, if there is any, to make it less visible. It will certainly give you enough time until you are able to clean up the mess once you have time to.

How to Do Your Own Concrete Floor Coatings

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How to Do Your Own Concrete Floor Coatings - People get many problems from applying common painting to their concrete floors. They often find their concrete has cracks, moisture, and peeling paint. This makes them sick of it. Thus, they then try to find solution for those problems. The trend of painting concrete floor with stained method becomes the new way of concrete floor coatings in order to make the pain last long.Create your own concrete floor coatings

If you think that making concrete floor coatings is not easy, you can try these useful and applicable tips :

Concrete Floor Coatings

  1. Make a finishing mixture. By using paint mixer, you can create a thinner finishing. The thin is only about one-eight out of one inch. This will make the mixture is thinner than Texture Pave. If you wish to make the basic color for the coat, you can add the integral color plus the acid stain as much as you desire. If you get confused, you can ask the manufacturer to get some specific additional information. Before adding Thin Finish, the finishing mixture, you should mix the color you want and the water altogether.
  2. Moisten the concrete floor. It is better for you to make the concrete floor wet first before adding Thin Finish. This aims to make the floor dampen. You can apply with tool with trigger sprayer. All you have to do is just spray it once in a time. This will ease Thin Finish itself to gather with the mixture. You can save your time by asking another person to moisten the floor while you can add Thin Finish, for instance.
  3. After moistening or dampening the concrete floor and adding Thin Finish, you can add few portions from Thin Finish. Do it in a time. First, you should sweep smoothly after you have done spreading Thin Finish on the concrete floor. After you ensure that the material has spread to the floor, complete the spreading in corner area by using paint brush. This aims to spread evenly Thin Finish. Do not forget to let it dry. This is the first layer of coating.
  4. To add the second layer of coating, you can apply 55 pounds of Thin Finish with some water. Then, you can make the concrete mixture by adding five gallons of water. If you wish, you can mix some colors during you make the mixture. This can help the concrete create the basic color and also help the next step, which is acid stain. You can use as many colors as you want. The more you give colors, the deeper concrete colors will you get. If you anything to ask, you can call the manufacturer so you will not get lost.
  5. The last step to coat the concrete floor is giving Thin Finish to the surface of it. You may use any tools to do it as long as it can ease your work. Sweep it step by step and evenly. In this step, you can make the texture you want for the floor. After you have finished, you have to let it dry for 24 hours to get the best result.
Those are the tips of concrete floor coatings. You can do it by yourself. But if you have any queries, you should call and ask the manufacturer so that you can get the result as you want.

Plain Concrete Floor? Try Concrete Floor Paint!

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Concrete floor Paint is now becoming trend for many families around the world from time to time. This concrete floor may look so plain if it is left uncolored. Many of them just paint the floor with paint that is taken from the hardware market. It makes the paint does not last for a long time and in the long run it peels after common wear and the print of footsteps. But now, stained concrete floor paint starts to steal people’s heart since it gives more advantages than the plain paint.

Besides giving more sense of art and beauty to the floor, it does not give moisture effect like plain paint does. Thus, it will not peel. It is such a good choice for you to solve your problem with your concrete floor. Stained concrete floor paint is really suitable to apply in garage or basement since it will last long with them.

Get your own concrete floor paint

Who says that paint concrete floor cannot be done by yourself? Here are some tips for you to beautify your concrete floor :

Concrete Floor Paint

  1. Many people decide to call the contractor once they want to recover the paint on the floor if it starts to give moist signs. They do not find the cause first. They even want to paint and dry it as quick as possible. Thus, no wonder if the paint does not last long. You can do your own way to test the moisture. First, you can put the duct tape. Then, you should leave it for a day. The floor will show the moisture if you find the condensation below the duct tape.
  2. If you want to remove any remaining of the past painting or any past dirt, you can try to apply cat litter. This can help you remove most of the paint oil, clean the floor, and wash it after you have done brushing the cat litter. If you want to seek other alternatives, you can choose warm water or warm soap. This also can help your work to clean up the concrete floor.
  3. You can prevent any dust stuck on the paint by cleaning or vacuuming it. After two to three days waiting, you can get your concrete floor dries.
  4. Some of the flooring result may remain such cracks on the floor. You can use an epoxy crack filler, Cement Fixall for instance. Do not let the cracks exist on the concrete for a long time because it will damage the beauty of the paint. Do not forget to let the crack filler dry.
The tips of concrete floor paint above are easy, right? The important thing you should not forget is that you have to let the paint dry fully so that it will last long.

How to Choose and Apply the Right Tile Floor Patterns

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How to Choose and Apply the Right Tile Floor Patterns - Dealing with total makeover of a room or house means having to plan everything clearly in advanced. For those who are really into self-decorating and exploring interiors, finding the proper concept and choosing the right materials is something truly enjoyable. It does consume some time and efforts but when you love doing it, it does not matter how much money you have to spend. Having a bonus of low cost makeover is great, really. And all this can be gained from the suitable tile floor patterns ideas and installation methods. Before researching for anything and shopping for any types, it is crucial to note a couple of aspects, including how patterns affect the look of the room and what installation methods suit the concept.

Tile Floor Patterns: Small or Big?

If you are thinking of doing it yourself, big tile floor patterns can be very tempting since they are much easier to install and won’t take long. But, if it is suitability that you are wondering about, bigger won’t mean better in look and better in overall concept. There is a fundamental difference in choosing the size of the tiles and the types of patterns.

Tile Floor Patterns

Smaller tiles are normally a lot more suitable for not so spacious room since details won’t make everything look dense. Large tiles are indeed a lot more practical to finish but consider which rooms you want to install with new tiles. These types are great for kitchens and formal rooms. So, wisely consider again your options as well as wall paints to make all set perfect.

DIY Tips and Tricks

Installing the chosen tile floor patterns on the floor can be tricky for a new DIY-er. Cement based floor is perhaps the easiest flooring to be attached with ceramics. Another type of flooring that goes quite simple with tiles is subfloor compound. But, if the flooring consists of flat subfloor, there might be a problem. In this case, it is recommended to get an expert to do it for you rather than getting frustrated with the foundation issue.

Tile Floor Patterns

When everything solved with the foundation problems, consider of the possibility that you will need to cut some tiles to adjust with corners or other challenging shapes. Rather than buying it, think about renting a wet saw. Use spacers that are normally made of plastic to make sure that the gaps between the tiles are perfect. There are various sizes of spacers for different tiles. Talk to the person in the store to figure out which ones are most suitable.

Which Vinyl Flooring Planks Suit Your Home and Needs?

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Vinyl flooring planks in various patterns have also been growing in popularity in the recent years, for its friendly budget, practicality as well as natural patterns options. There are three choices that are most popular in market, which are imitating stone, hardwood and even bamboo materials. While these patterns are not real but the effects that can be seen in the installed floors are cool.

Why Do Vinyl Flooring Planks Become New Trends?

Among various reasons that come up about the trending use of vinyl flooring planks choices for households and office uses, it is interesting to reckon that most people seek a cheaper replacement to hardwood. The fact that hardwood is pricey and hard to install makes many customers who would like to use it for their flooring try to find similar alternatives. Besides perfect for floating floors, i.e. flooring system that is not attached to the ground but having an adjacent in between, vinyl flooring is also lower in cost compared to granite, stone and marbles. Although there are these patterns available but they are not from the true, natural materials. Several alternatives are available to replicate those adorable natural flooring that is too high to afford.

Vinyl Flooring Planks

How to Choose One from Various Types?
The following vinyl flooring planks types will give you insight of the benefits of each option.
  • urethane vinyl plank flooring, is considered as the most commonly used for offices and commercial areas. This is because of its endurance and strength that heavy traffics on the floor won’t destruct it. If you wish to apply this at home, use it for hallways, terrace and common areas where people mostly do various activities
  • vinyl plank flooring that is non waxed will be less in strength compared with urethane, and this is suitable for bedroom or study room where normally people do not walk, run and do heavy foot tasks
  • if you seek for something that is more covered, meaning that the patterns are well covering the vinyl plank flooring, go for inlaid type. The colors and patterns will remain even though the activity is intensive

Vinyl Flooring Planks

Some Alternatives from the Market
  • seeking for something that is moderate in price but having high quality and beautiful? Try to find out further the collection from Trafficmaster.
  • wanting to get something that is easy to find and available anywhere? Try to search the collections from Konecto. It is less thick compared with the previous recommended collection, but its practicality in installation can help you a lot
  • the following brand is called one of the lowest price products since the level of thickness is the least compared to the previous two collections. It’s simple, fast to install and economic for home usage, especially in the areas that do not need much protections, Novalis.

How to Choose the Right Vinyl Flooring Tiles

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How to Choose the Right Vinyl Flooring Tiles - When you are building a home, you might have to choose so many kind of flooring for your house. You might also want to change your flooring when you want to do remodeling your house. Choosing the right floor for a house can be a challenge because there are so many types of flooring you can choose. One of the floors you can choose is vinyl flooring tiles. This floor is perfect for all rooms at your house including kitchen. Sometime you have to give different type of floor for each room at your house. If you choose vinyl flooring tiles, then you do not have to purchase a lot of flooring.

How to Choose Vinyl Flooring Tiles

The first thing you have to do before choosing certain vinyl flooring tiles is that you have to know how much traffic will be created at your house. If there would be a lot of traffic at your house then you need durable flooring. You might want to choose tiles with an aluminum oxide finish and thick construction. You should write down about what you need from vinyl tile. As mentioned before, the traffic at your house can affect the way you choose certain vinyl flooring tiles.

Vinyl Flooring Tiles

Not all of the rooms in your house have the same traffic, so you need to choose the right vinyl for every room. You can choose self-adhesive tiles with little decoration if you want to put it into a room with little traffic. It would not be too expensive if you choose that kind of vinyl.

Mix and Match the Tiles with Your Decoration

However, if you want to put it into high traffic where people would see the floor so often, then you need something durable and eye-catching. You also might want to compare different wear layers based on your needs. Before you purchase vinyl flooring, you have to know that it comes with warranty. You should not purchase vinyl without warranty. You should read the tiles’ warranty, and you should choose the one that can give you the best warranty.

Vinyl Flooring Tiles

After you know what you need from vinyl flooring, you can narrow down your choices based on your taste. You can choose tiles based on your favorite color, pattern, and texture. You should match it with the room’s color or furniture. You can bring photos of your room to the store, so you can match it perfectly. But if you have not chosen color or furniture for you house, you just have to imagine what kind of decor you want

The Easy Ways to Install Cork Flooring Tiles by Yourself

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Cork flooring tiles becomes more popular. There are more and more people who ask for this kind of floor each day, whether they want to decorate their new house or simply to get the new look for their old house. If you are included to those who want to deal with the flooring stuff of your house and building, then this type of floor may be one of the alternatives that you can consider. Once you know about this kind of floor, you are going to be able to find that there are so many reasons for you to put your choice in this floor type. By having this kind of floor in the rooms of your house or your other building, you are going to get the more natural look of your floor which means that you will also get such kind of appearance for your rooms.

Why cork flooring tiles?

This kind of floor will be very suitable to be installed in your living room, your kitchen, and even in your office. Aside from being natural, you will also be able to get the more elegant look from this kind of floor. Besides, this kind of floor is also included as one of the renewable products and you are going to find yourself not to be troubled in installing this cork flooring tiles on your own because this is really easy to be installed.

The Easy Ways to Install Cork Flooring Tiles by Yourself

You can simply use the basic flooring tools that you have and then you can work on it by yourself without needing to have any help from the professional. The first thing that you need to do for the installation of this kind of floor is that you need to make your new cork floor plan by measuring the room and make a kind of sketch so you can make the estimation of the materials.

Install it by yourself

Then, you can now begin with the action of prepping the old floor. After you are done with the prep, then you can snap the layout lines and find the center of the room on the floor which can ease you in installing the cork. After that, you can have your adhesive to be spread before the cork is installed. When every piece of cork tile has been installed then the finishing touch is to sand the floor to make it more natural. Finally, you now already get your cork flooring tiles are done by yourself and you could be proud of it.

No Need to Be Professional to Do the Laminate Floor Installation

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Laminate floor installation is, actually, not a hard thing to do. Even you who are not professional could also do this kind of installation on your own. All you need to do is just having the right instruction and you can simply get your flooring stuff to be done by yourself after you follow the instruction correctly. It cannot be denied that having a laminate floor becomes more popular today. Even, it can also be said that almost every house has its laminate type of floor. There are going to be so many reasons explaining why people prefer to have this kind of material to be set as their floor. Since most of the patterns of this kind of floor are formed of wooden theme, then you are going to be able to get closer to nature look for your floor. Besides, this kind of theme will also give the elegant impression for the room which is installed by this kind of floor.

Do laminate floor installation by yourself

Furthermore, this kind of material is also considered to be more durable since it is mostly made of wood, though there are some which are made of plastic. There will be no difficulties for you to clean this kind of floor because all you need to do is just to sweep or vacuum it regularly. The most important reason is that the laminate floor installation is really easy to be done.

Laminate Floor Installation

You do not have to be professional to be able to install this kind of floor by yourself as long as you get the manufacture instruction with you and you follow it right. For the first thing that you should do in doing the installation of laminate floor is that you should stack for about 48 hours the laminate floor before it is installed in order to get the better air circulation. After you clean the subfloor, then you can simply install the vapor barrier on it.

Start the first row

Right after that step is done, you can simply continue it by trimming the door jambs by using the flat saw to get the better finished result. If that is done, now you can start with the first row of the laminate floor. By then, you can simply follow the pattern for the next rows until all of the materials are installed. After that, you can cover the floor with the threshold and the base molding for the finishing touch. See? It is no need to be professional to do the laminate floor installation.

How to Recognize Hardwood Flooring Types

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How to Recognize Hardwood Flooring Types - Nowadays, people tend to beautify their house not simply by picking the fancy paint color or the sophisticated furniture. The choice of the floor is now become the highlight in making a classy house. Marbles can be an option to make your house looks great. But this material is way too expensive and unaffordable. So people start to find another material that has the same classy impression with marbles. Here comes the wood. Wood flooring is firstly done by the people who live in the cold area. It will make the room warm. These days, people start adopting hardwood flooring into their house. Not only to those are whose house in cold area, have people in sub-tropic area also applied this type of flooring. Since the place and the climate are different, some companies sell different hardwood flooring types to fit the condition.

Hardwood flooring types

Since people worldwide start using this kind of flooring, companies begin to introduce various type of hardwood flooring. Those hardwood flooring types come with the same appearance, since all of them are made from the original wood. The most famous types are solid wood flooring and engineered wood floors. Solid wood floor is made of a whole solid wood, while engineered wood floors has made by putting three layers of different woods on it. Both of them have plus and minus points. Both of them are easily maintained. The wood is considered long-lasted and durable.

Hardwood Flooring Types

It has its own substance that will keep the fungus and germs away and that is why, you do not have to buy extra special cleaner to clean it. All you have to do is just mopping it with damp mop. Both of the hardwoods flooring types are known as the elements to make the house luxurious. This kind of floor will make the house looks expensive. This kind of flooring is good if you want to make an investment with your house. Though it has superiority, it also has weak points. It is cheaper that marbles but the price does not make it affordable enough for the people in medium economic class. The wood is also known as flexible thing. So, it will be easily shrink and expand due to the temperature.

Hardwood Flooring Types

How to recognize the true hardwood flooring

There are sly companies that will sell fake hardwood flooring to you. You have to be careful. Make sure that it is solid wood, not combined with plastic or any other things. Look also at the color of the wood. Make sure it is the color of the real wood instead of the stain or paint. Consider the weight of the wood. Wood is always heavy, but if you are buying dry wood, it will be lighter. It is 25% lighter.

How to Get Rid of Burns on Large Carpet Squares

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How to Get Rid of Burns on Large Carpet Squares - Are you living with smokers? If not, do you regularly hold a meeting in your house with your smoker friends? If so, then you must be annoyed sometimes by their smoking habit. It leaves smell, residue, and sometimes holes at your large carpet square in your living room. It makes you mad but you cannot do anything. They are your friends, but on the other hand, you cannot install a new large carpet because you are not ready to pay the bill. Well, if you want to get rid of the burns, here is the tips to heal your large carpet square from the burns. The plus point is, you do not need to patch it with a new carpet, so it will cost you less.

What you should prepare before fixing large carpet square burns
  • Vinegar
  • Non-colored carbonated soda
  • Wool brush
  • Scissors
  • Carpet stain removers
  • Extra fiber with the same color, pattern, and shape
  • Glue

Large Carpet Squares

Let’s get rid of the burns!

On your large carpet square, you may find various cigarette burns. There are tiny and big burns here and there. Small burns may not be notified, but once you find it, you cannot take your eyes off of them. Some small burns will be gone by putting carbonated soda and vinegar on it. Just put a non-colored carbonated soda and mix it with a tea-spoon of vinegar. Then brush it smoothly on the tiny burns. It will lighten the color of the burns. Eventually, the fiber will get softer. Next thing you have to do is cutting the very top of the burnt fiber.

Large Carpet Squares

And for the big burns, all you have to do is cover it up. Do not panic. You do not have to buy a new carpet. First thing you should do is cut out the damaged, burnt fiber with scissors. Some burns leave a mark on the fiber. So, you’d better brush a carpet stain remover with soft wool brush. After that, put an extra fiber on the burs. This extra fiber can be cut from the area that is not notified like along the edge of the carpet. Make sure the color, the size, and the pattern are same. Stick it out with glue. Press the edge of the replacement area with the scissors to make it natural. Do these steps over and over again, and your burns are totally gone!

Cork Flooring Reviews: Is It Good to Set Cork Flooring in Your House?

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Cork Flooring Reviews - Cork flooring material is used to make your house beautiful and look. But, the information about it is still rare because the material is still new. Since then, many people seek for cork flooring reviews everywhere. Cork flooring defines as flooring material made from the oak tree. The part of the oak tree that is used is the cork of the branches. Though it is made from the tree, cork is considered eco-friendly. The tree will be taken when it reaches age of nine or ten. Then it will be left alone until nine or ten years later to be taken once again. It is obviously not going to hurt the tree. For the installation, cork floors are available on tiles and planks form. There are also cork floor that is completed with glue and there is the glue-less cork floor. if you wonder about how to install this kind of floor, you better check this cork flooring reviews out.

Benefits of installing cork floor according to cork flooring reviews

Cork Flooring Reviews
  • It is warm. Study says cork is natural insulator. Well, it must be shocking for you to wake up in the morning and feel the icy floor on your toes. Now you do not have to worry about the morning shock. Cork floor will give your toes warmth in the morning.
  • It is incredibly durable. Cork flooring typically laminated with some kind of plastic layer on the top of it. It will make it long-lasting and not rotten.
  • Thanks to the plastic layer. It will make the floor mildew-free. Mildew is known as the source of the disease and allergic. Since it is known as the healthy material, cork floor can be applied in the kids bedroom.
  • It is healthy. The study says that cork floor will not release intoxicate gas or liquid. Even when it is burnt. So, there is no way you shall not put it for your kitchen floor.
  • The weight of this material is light. So it is recommended to be applied on the super tall buildings.
  • It is good for those who are knee-injured or having backache. It is super flexible that will bounce the body mass.

Do you need a professional help in laying cork floor?

Well, you can set cork floor by yourself. It is easy because you do not have to think about the strong glue or the sanding machine. All you need to do is measuring the room well and put the cork floor with the glue on the back side. Well, after reading this cork flooring reviews, there is no reason for you not to install this material in your house, right?

Be Careful ! Use the Right Laminate Floor Cleaner

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Laminated floor cleaner can be investment for your house. It can protect your house and beautify it all at once. Since the material is not natural, the maintenance of it can be difficult. You cannot just put on any laminate floor cleaner on the floor because it can damage the floor itself. Laminated floor is consisted of four layers. The transparent layer covers the surface of the floor; then after that, an image layer; right after image layer, there lays core layer; then the last layer is moisture-resistant layer. The cleaners and the way you clean can treat the floor well or maybe destroy the layers on the floor. If you are not careful in maintaining it, the floor may be scratched or pulled off. If the floor is scratched, the water will get into it and destroy the layers of it. Sweeping and vacuuming it gently will reduce the risk of getting scratched floor. Do it frequently to keep the dust away.

Is vinegar the best laminate floor cleaner?

Some people will use vinegar as the laminated floor cleaner. Especially to those who have babies and pets. Vinegar is known as the natural disinfectant to clean the floor. But, is it effective? Will it treat your laminate floor well? Well, study says that a combination of water, vinegar and (or) water will not make the laminate floor clean and shiny. Vinegar has low pH that will erase the natural shine of the floor. It will worsen the floor because it will scratch the floor. This kind of cleaner will also leave residue on the floor.

Be Careful ! Use the Right Laminate Floor Cleaner

As a result, this residue will make the floor less shiny. A dull appearance will make the floor less interesting and maybe leave a dirty look on it. Besides the use of vinegar, the use of soap or ordinary tiles cleaner products are also not recommended. Those kinds of cleaner are known as the laminate floor cleaner. But instead, it will only make the floor look dull. The acrylic substances in the products are also bad because it will make the floor slippery.

What should you do?

Laminate floor needs extra attention on its maintenance. You cannot use any other cleaner as laminate floor cleaner. You can only mop the floor with the damp dry mop. Do not use wet mop because the water will not be absorbed. Do not use hot water because it will damage the top layer of the floor. Gently sweep it with soft broom. Vacuum it once a day and apply wax on it sometimes.

Filling the Gaps to the Hardwood Flooring Installation

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Filling the Gaps to the Hardwood Flooring Installation - Hardwood flooring in your house will make your house looks classy. Besides, it will give a clean impression since the wood will look shiny and glassy. However, the hardwood flooring installation can be hard sometimes. If it is not installed by the professionals, the floor will be horrible. The changing of the season will give an impact to hardwood floor. The wood floor can shrink or maybe expand itself. Of course it will cause a problem to you. The changing of the shape or the wrong hardwood flooring installation will make gaps on the wood floor. There will be gasps between wood planks here and there. The gaps later will full with dust and make the room looks disastrous. Furthermore, the gaps will also make a disturbing squeak sound. Eventually, those gaps surely will remove the impression of classy and clean floor.

Things you need to prepare before filling the gaps to hardwood flooring Installation

Filling the Gaps to the Hardwood Flooring Installation

Before you filling the gaps on the hardwood floor, there are some things you need to prepare.
  • Wood slivers. Wood slivers can be made by copping wood planks into smaller pieces. Make a fit size of wide slivers by measuring it with the gaps accurately. Do not make it smaller than the gaps because the wood will slip into the gaps. Make it perfectly the same with the size of the gaps.
  • Hammer to make the wood slivers get into the gaps.
  • A strong adhesive. Glue with D3/PVA is recommended to use because it will firmly stick to the wood floor. Do not use ordinary wood glue. It will not stick firmly. The residue will be hard to remove and will cause the squeak sound.
  • Sanding machine.
Filling the Gaps to the Hardwood Flooring Installation

It’s time to work!

Well the first thing you have to do is measuring the gaps with the wood slivers. Measuring is the most important thing in hardwood flooring installation. The size must be fit to each other. Then apply the adhesive on the wood sliver. After that, put it to the gaps. Make sure the wood slivers get into the gaps by hitting it with the hammer. Do the same steps until the gaps are completely filled with wood slivers. After that, the last thing you need to do is make the floor flat and firm with sanding machine. Sanding machine will make the floor flat so it can be cleaned easily and not making any sound.

Make Large Area Rugs Cheap

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Make Large Area Rugs Cheap - Redecorate a large room surely gives you a lot of challenges. One of them is the extra budget for the furniture. Well, if you have a large room but have limited budget to re-decorate it, don’t worry. You can cut out the budget by making the furniture by yourself. Well maybe not all furniture, but some of them like your own home made large area rugs cheap will help you save more money.

Make Large Area Rugs Cheap

What you have to buy to make large area rugs cheap

When you are about to make a large area rugs cheap, make sure you have all of these things. All of them are easily found in the furniture. And if you want to cut out 50% off your budget, you can buy second-hand stuffs. Here is the list of stuffs you need to make your own rugs:
  • A fluffy carpet. Choose a fluffy carpet with light color. A light color will make it attractive and cute. If you want to save money, you can just buy second-hand rugs. Just be careful about the stain and the stinks. Make sure it is a good, clean rug.
  • A dark colored rugs. Use it as a background. As a background, a dark color will help hiding the stain and dust. You can use a used rug, too, if you will.
  • Tape or a carpet grabber to stick both of them. Buy a super tough tape or glue to make it firm.
  • Pencil and cutter.
Make Large Area Rugs Cheap

 Let’s do it!

Well, first of all, draw any pattern on a fluffy carpet (for less risk, you can try a zebra pattern. It is super easy and classy, too). Cut the stripes you have made on the fluffy carpet. Trace the stripes pattern out to the dark-colored rug. Cut the dark-colored rug according to the striped patterns that have been made before. Do it accurately. Then pierce two of the rugs together using a tape. Tape the stripped patterns with the dark rugs so the holes of the darker rug will be covered up. Just be careful when you do it.

A tape stain will make the rug rough and even leave a scar. Make sure that each edge of the dark-colored rug is pierced precisely and firmly with the edge of the zebra stripe pattern. If you do this precisely, you can make double rugs with the left-over rugs. By doing this, you make one or two large area rugs cheap within 5 hours, or less!