Types and Series of Vinyl Flooring Planks

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Types and Series of Vinyl Flooring Planks - Helo audience Flooring Stuffs Ideas, in this article you will find Types and Series of Vinyl Flooring Planks, and i have provided this article for you to be read and you might take the information as you wish. Hopefully, all the article inside about Artikel Vinyl Flooring, could give you benefit to obtain the complete information all about it.

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Types and Series of Vinyl Flooring Planks

The increasing popularity of vinyl flooring planks in the market of interior design and home décor has made competition quite tough among manufacturers. Yet, if you are thinking of applying this flooring installation at your living room, choosing a reliable brand is actually quite simple. Yes, indeed, you must choose the best one since living room is the place where you expect to get nice relaxation and some time to refresh your mind. To be careful and aware is necessary. What you need to find is whether a brand is reputable or not, getting positive reviews or not and whether the collections of designs are continually upgraded. Whichever shopping method you are using, online or direct purchasing, make sure that you go for the right choice. Right here means in quality, in variations of designs and after sale service. Sometimes, problems occur after installation and some investigations will be needed. There are cases where problems occur and investigation takes place but no follow up happen. Be careful with these issues or otherwise your living room will not be like what you desire.

Strengths of Vinyl Flooring Planks for Your Living Room

Choosing the right one out of the wide arrays of alternatives in the market should not make you confused. And if you are still weighing between actually purchasing hardwood instead of vinyl flooring planks, there are lots of vinyl floor strengths that you should carefully consider. The first quality is the lightness of this floor. Therefore, it will surely be easier for you to handle the installation. Some people compare vinyl flooring with hardwood.

Vinyl Flooring Planks
However, you should notice that even though hardwood is solid but very heavy and almost impossible to install it yourself. The second strength is the ability to resist water, liquid and stains. This is of course a positive point that makes daily cleaning up easy to perform. Considering that you will spend a lot of time in your living room, such advantage is surely suitable. The choices available are also various and portraying natural patterns can be easily done. Whichever you wish, from wood to stone is possible. With such awesome theme provided by your flooring, you will surely be able to get more relaxation from your living room.

Types and Series of Vinyl Planks

Several vinyl flooring planks types and series that you can consider among others for your living room:
  • soledo plank collection that has nine colors variations. The character of this design is medium board. The width is around four inches and the finishing is smooth
  • pacific plank series portrays the most affordable type that brings the effect of luxurious
  • natural plank types is narrow in design and available in six options of colors. The end result of this flooring brings an effect like oak wood floor. This is very suitable for formal set.
  • Montana series is quite wide and the size reaches 7.24 inches. It is available in eight styles. The end result of this flooring installation is pretty much similar with hardwood flooring
  • wood antique is a collection that offer ten color variation. Once it is installed, it looks like narrow wood strip flooring
  • Bradford plank series portray wood grain patterns and characteristics, The size if wide, about six inches

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